Questions about the new forum

just thinking… :thinking: is it possible to pick which categories stay in the burger menu?

Yes. Go to your profile and than…

but that will only mute those, if I have more than 8 unmuted, how can i pick which stay here:
or maybe I’m just confused…

Ah, now I understand. But I don’t know if it is possible to choose which categories are shown there.

As far as know, it’s not possible to show/hide categories listed under the hamburger menu.

We do have a setting to configure how many show there, but that’s a forum wide setting and not per account.

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So, the Editor badge says that it won’t be possible to update forever a post. This could be an obstacle for Bingo threads… Do you have an idea of the duration ?

I think it is about how often you can edit a post per day.
The daily edit limit was already increased in the Sandbox to accomodate hosts. @JetteLise encountered it again in the new forum but I don’t know whether the limit was raised again. But if your edits per day are suddenly restricted, you can always come back and complain :wink:
Personally, I edited a lot already in the past week (and in the sandbox) and I didn’t meet the limit again. It is rather high now.

Ok thanks. I thought it was about editing a post only for 3 months, 6 months which could have been a problem… :wink:

:scream: That would indeed be a problem. Let’s hope that it is not true :sweat_smile:

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@Feuerstuhl @thibcabe
I believe the solution is for Bingo topics to be made into a wiki, which can be edited an unlimited number of times.

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This is something we are currently looking at.


While that is good to know, a wiki could also potentially be edited by everyone. In the sandbox, I experimented with making my whole test RR a wiki and it was chaos - which was alright in that case since it was intended. But it is not a very good work-around, not even the Chaotic Nonsense RR is a wiki anymore - for a reason.

I wonder what the reason is behind the edit limit. If it was protection from spam, then I don’t get it. Maybe storage reasons? The data from the edit history has to be put somewhere, doesn’t it? :thinking:

We had already noticed this issue on the sandbox with the limit on the number of edits and had already changed it: a TL2 account (or higher) can edit posts indefinitely.

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The reason that the Discourse comes with that default is to prevent someone from going back and “rewrite history”, long after the discussion has moved on. Makes sense in discussion topics, but it’s obviously an issue with managing RRs and such, so we just removed that limit.

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Thank you for the answer!
And then I didn’t see your other answer :sweat_smile:
I don’t have any right to complain anymore

I noticed that you can also edit private messages, even after they have been read. That seems like it could lead to issues, e.g… someone promises to send something, then edits their message to say something else.

all edits are viewable. Take a look at @Feuerstuhl’s post above yours. There is a little orange pencil symbol. When you click it you can view the edit history.


You know, for some reason, I thought the edits were only viewable by the author, and only the fact that it had been edited to everyone else. Since I mostly edit to correct misspellings, I’m not sure how I feel now!

There is a 5 min grace period where edits are not recorded, so you may fix typos etc without others noticing :blush:


On other Discourse-based forums I have seen wikis where everyone is updating their status be very successful. For example this one with over a thousand edits:
I check this thread regularly and haven’t seen any chaos caused by multiple people editing. It seems to work well in that community.