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I can’t edit my lottery post created on October 22. There is no pencil icon.

Win a fantasy card

Can someone explain the green dot I have on my avatar? This senior citizen is feeling very technologically challenged, but I enjoy our shared love of old-fashioned handwritten messages via postcards.

Hello Owlagdad, the green dot on an avatar just means that the Forum member is signed in at the moment.

If you want to hide your profile information and your presence on the Forum, click on your avatar > username > Preferences > Interface, and check the box that says “Hide my public profile and presence features.”

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Thanks so much!

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Hello Yool, this might have to do with your Trust Level right now. After you’ve visited the Forum for 15 days you should be able to edit your post.

Do you want to edit your first post in your lottery thread, or just the topic title?

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I need to edit both the title of the post (lottery [CLOSED]) and the message body itself in the first post from October 22 (add information about the names of the winners).


@Yool, sending you a PM.

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Thank you so much for your help! :love_letter:


This forum is very challenging and very confusing for me. I wish it was easier as I am not good with anything to do with computers and unfortunately do not have time (or patience) to sit through more tutorials, learn new software, or read every post. I really miss the Favorites!!! All the tracking/watching ect. are just making it hard for me to keep up. I don’t like getting an email every five minutes so I shut off getting notified on every single post that is in a thread I have bookmarked. On the old forum I also relied on the search feature to see who has received my cards. When I search on here (even when doing the advanced search features) I get every single post that has my name on it, including the lists with my name on RRs. Do people absolutely have to use the @ symbol for me to see a thank you for your card post? Do you have any easier way to do this? I want to make sure my cards reach everyone without having to read every single post in a thread. Any suggestions? Help! :frowning_face:

Can anyone make up a new game/infinite threads game/thread?

As far as I know, yes. Go for it! :slight_smile: (You have to get permission for tags and Round Robins though)

@Pixiedustlady The @ function is there so that you don’t have to search for mentions of your own name but are instead notified whenever someone mentions you. You complained that if you search your username, that you get all those lists and unimportant stuff, too. Ideally, the @ function is there so that you don’t have to see all of that unimportant stuff but only those posts where someone wants you to see something.
You shouldn’t receive any notifications in topics that you have bookmarked, only in those that you are watching :thinking:
If your only problem are the emails, then you can turn all email notifications off if you follow this path: avatar - Pixiedustlady - Preferences - Emails. Is that what you already did?
In that case you would still receive notifications within the forum when someone mentions you with @, sends you a private message or writes something in a topic that you watch. You can also mute topics, it could be that you don’t receive any messages then, I don’t have experience with muted topics and can’t tell you more about that, sorry. But I think this could be also useful to tune out all topics that you don’t want to see when you search for your username?

By the way, you have to remember that at the moment, this forum is unusually active. Lots of new topics are created and filled with information that had to be transferred from the old forum to this one. There are a lot of “new” RRs for this reason and whenever one of them (us) mentions you in their topics, you will receive a notification. BUT you will only receive a notification once for every post that you are mentioned in. You can be mentioned ten times in the same post and you will only once receive one notification. So when you join an RR for the first time - and for this system, it looks like you are joining lots of RRs all at once because there are lots of new topics that you are mentioned in - caused by the transition of the forum -, you will receive a notification, but only the first time. When you join a new group in the same RR, you shouldn’t receive any more notifications since you were already mentioned in that same post before. So while there are lots of notifications right now, it will calm down eventually.
Does that make sense?


@Feuerstuhl, THANK YOU for responding. I wasn’t complaining about the @ function, I totally get why it is here, but unfortunately a lot of people are not using it (old forum you just had to put someone’s name) so its a bit hard to track everything down. Yes I know its very busy right now and figured lots of notifications would be happening. Seems lots of us are running into the same thing. I will still say I loved my favorites list as it was way more simple to check all the RRs I am active in. Thanks for your time and for answering!

Maybe here lies the real problem. This forum is still new and people have to get used to it, I fear :frowning: Truth be told, I also once forgot to write @ when I thanked someone for a card and instead wrote her username bold - as I used to do in the old forum… For some reason, she was still mysteriously able to find and reply to my faulty post.
I see where your problem is and I don’t have a solution for you :frowning:

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When you mute a topic you won’t get any notifications at all, not even when @mention is used!

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You can use the track topic function instead. It works like the favourite list on the old forum. You can see all your tracked topics here:

This is only curiosity, nothing else - on the list of latest topics, I sometimes see number of new posts by totally random topics/threads.

These are not my tracked or watched topics, often I haven’t even read a single post in them. Any idea why I am seeing this blue circle with a number there?

Check these options in your preferences (Notifications):


I don’t mean the notifications - I don’t receive any that I’m not expecting (the notifications next to my avatar on the top of the page).

If you go to “Latest” and look at the list of updated topics, there sometimes I see a number of new posts, a blue dot with a number inside, the same that I see in the topics that I track or watch - only I also see it for topics which I neither track nor watch and usually also have never read.

Maybe that happens, if you track/ watch the whole Category?
Then all topics in this Category are also tracked/ watched
But of course you can mute and normal topics of tracked categories manually,

Nope, I don’t have any categories that I’m tracking - unless they were set automatically.

Here’s an example - appeared just now, after refreshing the page: obraz

I have never read this topic and the small blue dot means it’s a new topic entirely. Why the dot with the number of posts?

Like I said, it’s just curiosity, nothing else.