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Hi, I might just be missing something obvious but how do you edit the title of a topic? I posted about a travelling notebook and I need to change the title to say that it’s travelling now.
Thank you!

You have to go to the first post of the Topic and then you can click on the :pencil2: on the right side of the headline
After editing please click :white_check_mark:

If you can’t do it like a basic member please tell here what you will write and someone will do it for you.

I can look at past edits I made by clicking the pencil but I can’t seem to make new ones, it’s this topic and I’d like to change the “open” in the title to “travelling” please


Thank you! :smiley:

@fire_maggie There’s no way to easily change it to allow one person to change their mind on a specific post… but if a post changes so much that you feel its meaning is opposite of what it was (or is now something objectionable), I think that might merit a flag.

@veduschij I’m afraid we don’t have plans to introduce flags from old countries into the current forum software.

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I didn’t mean change it for me personally :sweat_smile: just in general. But I’ll keep the flagging option in mind if it becomes an issue.

It is unfortunate that you have deprived millions of people born in the USSR - the choice of the flag of their homeland. Because to add the flag - very easy. Then please Express the ability to communicate on the old forum, where there is the flag of the USSR. Or give the opportunity to place the flag in the signature!

The flags represent the present physical location of the account. We don’t have (and probably never will) have historical flags in the main website — keeping up with just the current is tricky enough.

However, on the forum we don’t implement this ourselves — we use this plugin:

It is an open source project, so you can to contribute to it, although I don’t know what’s their policy for adding historical flags. If it is added there, the change will be used on this forum as well.

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Hi, I’m really fine with everything at the forum, BUT (maybe I’m too dumb to find the answer, I assume this question must have been answered somewhere):

About inbox:

Is there any possibility to see the persons names I’ve communicated with while scrolling older messages? I’m mostly on my android phone, and here, it shows the names for the last 12 or so messages. When I have to flip up “more”, then it’s just about the topic. And I have to search and search, when I was at a tag more often, and cards arrive after a month or so.

Also, when I want to look up somebody I communicated with weeks or months ago, but I don’t know exactly within which topic, it’s so complicated.

With me, the search mostly doesn’t work. Even when I click “search messages”, most of the times, nothing is found, even when I see the message with the name.

Would be happy about a clue.

Thanks, and have a nice day!

You can use the Advanced Search to search for messages by a specific member in your messages, e.g.:

Also, I recommend to use the archive to lessen the amount of messages in your inbox and to remove yourself from all messages that you don’t need to keep.

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Pm sent as a screenshot is involved

This seems to me to be a bug. What works for me, doesn’t work for Lisa. @paulo Do you perhaps know why this approach doesn’t always work?

Just to add- Firefox and Android…

@Feuerstuhl and @paulo:

after shutting everything down and retrying it works now with @ + name.

Thanks, Gesa, I had really no idea that I’d have to add the @ to the name. Before, I always looked up just the username…


When I have set a bookmark, and now I feel that I do not need or want this bookmark any longer, how can I delete it?

Click on the blue bookmark and then on the paper basket in the lower right corner.

Or you simply click on “Clear Bookmark” under the topic, if you want to delete all bookmarks in this topic.

Or you go to your list of all bookmarks, click on the 3 points of the bookmark you want to delete.


Thanks for your answer!

Hello, at one point I went to a user’s profile & she had a avatar photo but also a larger, banner photo – similar to the way Twitter & FB are set up … the small headshot & then a page wide photo. I couldn’t figure out a way to do this … most profiles I’ve seen here don’t have this on the page I find, but that one user did. What am I missing?


That’s easy.
Go to your profile page, choose Preferences —> Profile —> Profile Header —>click on the little upload image —> upload a picture from your hard disk or from your gallery on your smartphone —> scroll down and save it

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