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Hmm, it works for me - I just tested it with “@username” - I found two messages from that person - and with just “username”, which gave me one message where that user is mentioned.

Hi! I tried to use @username function and selected the name from the offered list. However, the username had lines as a part of the name, so the automatic formulation transformed it into bold text omitting the lines. Then I used </> so the name reads correctly, but that probably won’t notify the person. How does the @mention work in these cases?

We are using some special code to handle usernames starting/ending with underscores. From our tests, it should be working, but perhaps we missed some special case. Can you tell which username is causing that?

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Is it possible to add someone back to a group message when they accidentally removed themselves?

Edit: It didn’t work because they changed the username in the meanwhile and I didn’t notice. May bad. Or their bad for not telling me. It works now!

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I have just created a topic in the language section and i would like to add helpful links under it. i have managed to put it in the topic, but not under and get it linked with the grey :link: symbol before it…

can i do do it and how? or does it need a higher trust level?

It’s not possible to explicitly add a link to that section: that’s a list of other topics that have linked to that one.

To add links, just include them directly on the post itself.

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Hi! Sorry, I’m having a hard time with posting a new topic. I did read what I could about the new forum and tried interacting with the postbot, but the postbot just wanted to take me through a bunch of steps that I already know how to do.

About 24 hours ago, I tried to create a new topic to start a game of postcard tag, but it still hasn’t shown up yet. I got a notification about some sort of approval, but I didn’t get to read the whole thing, I’m not sure if it disappeared or maybe I closed the window automatically as it popped up when I hit post. Was just wondering what the guidelines are, thank you so much!

The tag category is moderated, so it means all new topics need to be approved by some moderator before it’s turned public, I think that was what happen.

But I’ll call @JetteLise to correct me if I’m wrong.

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Hello @Indreni,

Did you check the directory ?
If you think your topic is not listed, you can open a poll for the tag / your idea .

See here

If there are enough votes, the tag will be opened .

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Oh, thank you, I didn’t realize you were supposed to look in the directory of tags. I didn’t see it when I was looking under the non directory list of tags but there is already a tag with my same topic, so maybe that’s why it didn’t get approved.

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Several times in the last week, when I have written a reply with quoted text from another person’s post, and then pressed the button to send my reply, the quoted text has disappeared and instead the little pencil has appeared in the top right corner, as if I’ve edited a post (which I haven’t).

It’s peculiar but it’s happening regularly now.

It happens when you quote another whole reply. It’s automatic and I think it’s to prevent long answers, as in, if you want to quote the whole text you can just reply to that person directly. Just my opinion.

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No, I’m afraid not. I quote only a section of the sentence - the part that was relevant to my response.

That’s the correct answer, I just want to add this screenshot… it’s explained when you click on the pencil icon.

If you quote a text from the direct post above the system delete the quote.

It is shown like this

which is a full quote of the post directly above yours.

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Yes, that’s right.


I will delete this question in that case. I took both tutorials on joining the forum but I don’t think this was covered. I apologize for wasting your time.