[QUESTION] The rule of the usage of word "Postcrossing"

[Very sorry if this is not in the right topic, I thought about it like an 15 minutes where to put this question, decided to put it gere, but not 100% sure.]


is here any rule about the usage of the word “Postcrossing” for commercial purposes?

For example if I would want to print my own postcards with some picture which I designed and with the text “Happy Postcrossing”, may I do it? In the case that these postcards will not be just for my personal purposes, but for selling. The same example, but with stickers with text “Happy Postcrossing”, printed for commercial purposes. May I, or is it forbidden?

I know that here is the rule about usage of official Postcrossing logo, I read the page about it on Postcrossing website, but now I am not sure if there is any rule about the word “Postcrossing” itself. Like when I will make “my own visual design” of the text of this word.

Can anyone answer me, please, and ideally back up an argument for his answer?

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I think your best bet is contacting the admins and asking

Hello @Linda6,

Maybe you can find the answer here: https://www.postcrossing.com/logo-guidelines .

Or ask the admin team like @piperwashere wrote.


Thank you both, @piperwashere and @JetteLise. Yes, I will write to the admins, that is the best.

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I’m quite curious about this as well, so would love to hear if you get an answer back Linda!

I don’t know if this will help you, but it’s already been done.

Sometime last summer I bought these ID stickers from Zazzle.

They look nice, don’t they? But I really don’t like them. First of all they are way too big, nearly double the size of my usual Zazzle GB ID stickers; secondly I have to scribble out the printed “ID” in case my sent card gets confused with Indonesia (or wherever ID is in the world on the list), and write in “GB”. I won’t be ordering them again.

Anyway, just to say that the word “Postcrossing” doesn’t seem to have been copyrighted per se, since this Zazzle person is selling these (less than optimal) stickers. HTH. :slightly_smiling_face:

According to the link above,

  • Use our logo in any commercial context, nor on anything to be sold or with advertisement on it."

Thank you very much that you found this for me, thank you for your time. But I will see what the PC admins will write me, I already, as was recommended, wrote them a message. I want to be 100% sute about it.

Thank you, but as I wrote above, I know these rules about the Postcrossing logo, I read the page about it. But the logo is something different from the text “Postcrossing” itself, I think, and that is why I am searching for the answer about the usage of the name itself. But anyway, I already wrote to PC admins, so I will see.

There are big postcard shops selling cards saying “Happy Postcrossing”. So I’m quite certain that you can use the word itself. It’s very good that you asked the admins though, with their advice you’ll know for sure! :slight_smile:

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