Question: Collectable Postcards - US

Hi All,

I see in a lot of profiles that people collect specific postcards and themes. Whenever possible I’d like to be able add to their collections. I’m unfamiliar with most of what’s collected and can’t find them in the US. So far I’ve only been able to find LouPaper on Etsy.

Does anyone have recommendations on commonly collected postcards and where they can be found in the US?


Hello @Absurda
I moved your question to the #communities:north-america because it’s a special question to the US-postcrossers.

there have been reports of lantern press postcards being sold at cracker barrel locations. it might be worth checking out if you have one near you.

Many members seem to like map cards…you should be able to find those at truck stops (look for the souvineer key chain, shotglass display)

My Cracker Barrel has greeting cards but no post cards. I think it would be a good outlet for the big letter states cards or map cards. Anyone have any pull at CB?!

They may be hard to find…look for a small wooden display with key chains and local souvineers, maybe near the register

At Cracker Barrel, they all vary. I’ve found them on a small wooden rotating rack by the shirts and keychains bear the front OR towards the back by the calendars.

Thanks! Next time I’m in that part of town I’ll have to check out Cracker Barrel

Thanks @Izzy2018, I’ve been able to find them on Amazon.