Project for preschoolers "Tales of the Peoples of the World". Thanks everyone. the project is closed

Hello, dear postcrossers! My name is Olga, and I work as a teacher. I am asking for help in the implementation of the project “Tales of the Peoples of the World” for 4-year-olds. Children will be grateful if you send a postcard with illustrations of folk tales of your country, images of heroes or portraits of children’s writers. We will try to find these fairy tales in literary translation and read them. We will be happy to send a postcard in response. Children don’t know how to write yet, but they will be happy to draw something on a postcard! I really hope for your responsiveness! Have a nice day.

Diti thanks each of you for the wonderful postcards and interesting messages. If our reply cards have not come to you, then let me know in a personal message. We will resend the postcard. The project allowed children to learn a lot of new fairy tales and showed them that there are many kind, sympathetic people in the World. Thank you all!


Hi Olga - I would be happy to send a postcard from the USA. I have a few Winnie the Pooh postcards if that would work for your class?

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Good afternoon. You are very kind. It would be great to get a postcard. I know for sure that you can send a postcard from Russia to the United States, but I doubt that the US Post sends mail to Russia. If possible, please specify

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Nameste from India,

I would love to help you in this beautiful journey.

Pl share yr address where the card has to be posted.

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I thank you very much! It’s incredible that kids will receive a postcard from India.

Hi Olga, I’d love to send a postcard with a fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers from Germany. Please send me a PM with the address if you are interested.
Great project!

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Hello. That would be great.

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Hi there. Pming you

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Okay, thank you!

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I would send a Card.
PM me the adress please.

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Thank you very much!

Hi Olga, have any cards arrived yet?

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Hello! We are looking forward to it, but there are no postcards yet. I will definitely write about the postcards I received!

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Hello friends! I’m happy to share the first postcards that have arrived. From Germany and Canada. Thank you very much for the colorful postcards. Today we signed a postcard in gratitude, which will go to Germany. We sent a few thankful cards earlier. The children are very happy to receive the cards! We have already found the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, but Canadian folklore is still only in electronic form, but I hope that it will be possible to find a printed book.

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You are correct: No mail addressed to Russia, Belarus and a few other counties will be accepted by the US Postal Service.

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Thank you for clarifying the information!

hello, friends and like-minded people! Today the guys were happy to receive a postcard with a cheerful bear from the USA! Thank you very much! We still hope to receive more postcards from all over the world.


Hi Olga, if you would like, I can send some postcards with Krteček - Little mole, or Rumcajs And another czech tradional animation tales. I work at the primary school, please send me your adress, if you are interested in. Greetings


good evening. You are very kind! It will be wonderful to receive a postcard from you!

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dear friends! Today is a wonderful day. We received not just a postcard, but a whole letter from @papapaff! expensive Мартин, спасибо за за это чудо!

the guys read a fairy tale, staged a fairy tale and have already written an answer.

dear postcrossers! Children are still waiting for postcards from your countries. They really like to receive and send postcards. Happy postcrossing to everyone!