Profiles not written in English

You know nothing bad happens to a person if you report them? They just get sent a gentle reminder. There won’t be any permanent flag on their account marking them as a troublemaker.


Oh no, I don’t think anything bad could happen. It’s just my own consideration not to report it as I think it will give the team more works. Although I think they probably won’t mind it because it could improve user experience for those non English profiles when they translate it to English when admins ask them to change

Sure there are and they can tell that and write only a few short sentences in English. Sure THEY can use some translation service that much or ask for help.

But there are always those rude and arrogant people too. Just like in your example mine is from Russia too. The card was written in Russian, the language I don’t know, but still their profile was in English and it was written there that he/she was an English language teacher! Then it’s just rudeness not to use English, isn’t it?



Well, I am fine with non-English profiles personally but it is a mystery why some people choose to write on the cards in non-English languages that we do not understand. So far, I got cards written in German and Russian years ago and I did not understand them. But thanks to Postcrossing, now we have a card translation section on the forum :slight_smile:

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I once received a hurray message in Russian. It was kind of fun because he immediately sent me a message in English and offer to send me a letter in return. I guess he just forgot to translate the first message into English. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if the rules say to use English, I don’t think it should be so harsh on people who don’t. After all translators are very developed now. And wouldn’t it be great to keep the community as friendly as ever?


Shouldn’t they then also grasp the idea to have the profile in English?
And if they are able to have the page translated to their mother tongue, why not use the other way too?
If they don’t know if it’s correct, they can add it’s translated by program. I’ve seen that.

I think it’s best to keep same rules for everyone, it’s the most fair thing to do.

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I don’t think it’s harsh. I see it more being helpful, so they show respect to others, and the guidelines.

And I don’t see it friendly to let someone not participate like they agreed.
Because, if they don’t care to write English, can I then not send a card to them? I can think that is as “friendly”. When they assume me to do the translating, I can assume they go shopping the cards, because why send when they can buy it themselves. Let’s be friendly and let me save my money, I might be poor. :hugs:

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Quite off topic but I wanted to let you know that Google Lens will identify the language and translate as well.

Nothing harsh happens if you report those accounts. They are politely asked by admin to translate their profiles to English. In my opinion, this is better than leaving it and risk fellow users responding to them in not-so-nice ways.


They should if they read the rules. But nobody knows if they do read the rule or not. They don’t use it the other way around because they don’t understand the language, in my assumption

Yes it’s the best to keep same rules for everyone, but I’ve seen the rules bent such as translation thread so I guess it’s ok too for some of us to make our own exception, especially when it’s not a fatal thing

As long as the fairness of : you sent a card you’ll get a card back, is still in the game :grin:

I don’t need to know. And I won’t start guessing who has read and who not.
The basic starting point to me is, they have. If they haven’t, they should.

Also to me, the translation thread is not good :slight_smile: like it shows now here, when there is an exception allowed, it’s used as a reasoning to another exception, not to follow guidelines in another part, like useing English.

Maybe to me it’s not a big deal if I don’t get one card :slight_smile: so, it’s ok to me only send when I want.
Because why are others allowed exceptions and I’m not :wink: maybe we just choose what we do, like there was one member who had thought guidelines are “merely suggestions” :sweat_smile: I believe it was translator error too, but yes, in reality I think I will be sticking to the guidelines myself and report the ones who aren’t. In my eyes, it’s best for everyone.

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Fun coincidence, I got a profile which is not in English. :smiley: :joy:

(I tried to translate, but the profile text doesn’t translate. :thinking: (The titles do.))


I’m a bit late to this discussion, but I just wanted to make it clear that writing the profile in English is a requirement in Postcrossing. There can be other languages in there as well, but English must be one of them, so that everyone can understand each other. Even if someone does not list English as a language they speak, it’s fair to assume they do speak basic English, since that is the language of the website.

So if you find a profile that is 100% written in another language, let us know. We’ll poke the person about it, and even help them write something in simple English if they’re not very confident in their skills — or suggest translating tools to help them write cards and navigate the site.


Out of curiosity, what is your favorite word in English? Mine is “discombobulated”

I think a fun monthly writing prompt would be “write your favorite word in your own language (and be sure to translate it into English). How would you use this in a sentence?”
A prompt like this would be interesting & educational, plus relieve some of the stress experienced by non-English speakers


Are you asking me or people overall? I don’t know. I’ve never thought what’s my favourite word in English whatsoever. I don’t think I’ve a favourite.

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That prompt sounds like a nice idea.

You can post a suggestion on this thread:

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No, it’s not an extension, it comes along with Chrome. To activate it’s pretty easy.

The only thing is that Google / Chrome is only able to translate the most simple version of a language (beside English) and if there are a lot of typos in one word it becomes a great mess.

I remember some months ago I drew an address and one of the wishes was “card cartoon cats”.
Easy, you guess? Thought so, too. And sent a card with a cartoon of a cat (“the cutest sneeze in the world”). Oh wow…I think I got the rudest hurray ever in my postcrossing life.
To make a long story short: As a postcard is normally thicker than a piece of paper this person translated the German word “Karton” (cardbox) simply into “cartoon”. And with “cat” it wasn’t meant a kitty but the brand “caterpillar”. And along with the hurray I got the advice “to use Google translate if I’m not able to read English” :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What the heck :flushed::exploding_head:

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I prefer the English language to correspond with foreign pals as I’m very proficient in writing it. Thus in my profile I only put English the language I know, but in reality I can understand and speak 7 languages!

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