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Hi I’m kind of new here and I was curious about the no demands of postcards. I noticed that all the profiles of people I received all had the kinds of cards they would like to receive.

Still to make sure that I’m not running afoul of the guidelines, and if my profile is a good one can i get some feedback.

Emojis were added for the benefit of those who may but be very fluent in English:

Do here it is:

Hi, I’m Dave. My hobbies are reading, stamp collecting , playing cards, cooking, vintage movies, oldies, and country music, and I’m a huge history buff, so post cards reflecting those interests will be appreciated.

I would especially enjoy postcards featuring any of the following:

:+1:castles :european_castle:
:+1: works of art :art:
:+1:Skylines/cityscapes :night_with_stars:
:+1:nature scenes​:national_park:
:+1:Churches :synagogue:, temples :shinto_shrine:, or mosques​:mosque:
:+1:"Keep Calm and ____" cards :crown:

But I love all postcards, so any you think I’d like will be highly prized.

For those in the US, I’d love to eventually get a set of all 50 US state maps.

I’m especially interested in the sender, so let me know about you, your family, what you do for a living, your hobbies, etc.


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Hello @KentuckyDave
Welcome to our community :slightly_smiling_face:

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