Problems with UK International Post?


I’ve not been able to send any postcards in the last few days because I’ve reached my limit.

A lot of the postcards sent I would have expected to have reached their destinations by now.

I also have more expired postcards than I’ve ever had before.

Is anyone else in the UK having the same issue of postcards taking longer to arrive? Is there problem with UK post at the moment?


I’ve got several cards taking over two weeks to travel to Germany. Rest seems pretty normal.

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Yes, everything is taking longer, including to Germany. I also have many expired postcards and two more will expire overnight tonight, (but the vast majority of those are to inactive members).

I don’t know if it’s a problem unique to the UK though. Covid is still affecting post in many countries, the war, summer holidays etc. But yes, I’m experiencing the same as you.


I sent my first ever card to Germany 19 days ago and it still hadnt arrived. Yet my son lives in Bavariaband mail only takes about 5 days.
Very disappointed, as it was my first card

Has the person you sent it to been active lately? It could be they’re on holiday, or ill. But even if they are active at the moment, this is happening all too frequently I’m afraid. It’s frustrating, but it’s how it is.

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Post from UK (penpal) takes a long time to reach me, my post to UK most of the time is very quick, don’t know the reason for this, but noticed it more than once. I hope it will get better soon.

Yes, it’s the ones going to Germany that seem to be taking longer than usual. A Spanish one that’s been travelling for 23 days and a few Russian ones that seem to be slow as well, but that might be for other reasons.

I’ve received a few from Japan and USA that have been quicker than usual.

Unless some start getting delivered, I won’t be able to send any and also will stop receiving any.

So, perhaps it’s actually Germany/Europe that is having a problem at the moment and not the UK slow in sending them?

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I’m glad it’s not just not me. Thank you replying.

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Yes, looks like all active. But could be Covid, holidays etc., so lack of staff to deal with the post.

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German postcards usually take about a week, but I have had them take 142 days! One to India took 300 days.

So don’t give up hope, I’m sure it will get there. It does look like postcards to Germany are taking longer at the moment.

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I really do understand about all the reasons, i think I’m just so excited and impatient :roll_eyes:


I know how you feel!

That’s why I asked the question in the first place, wondering why postcards are taking so long at the moment.

The 7 expired postcards at the moment does not help. Although I’ve had a couple registered in the last couple of weeks, one that took 92 days and the other 194 days, so I always hope they will get there in the end.

Hopefully yours will get there soon.

Good news, just had an update to say my postcard to Belarus has arrived!

Still no German cards have arrived.

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Quite a few cards are taking longer than usual for me, including Germany. I used to have them arrive from Canada between 5-8 days. Now, two weeks or longer, and 3 have expired. Never before in my 2+ years have German cards expired. I have a whopping 16 cards expired - not all German, of course. :frowning:


I’m wondering if it isn’t low staffing during peak vacation period?


I’ve just resent an expired German card and the new card has traveled for two weeks already. The recipient seems active but I guess they could log in while on their summer holidays.

Exactly the same here - 16 expired, 3 of them to Germany.

Actually, this is all quite reassuring. Many of us, wherever we live in the world, are experiencing the same sorts of slowdowns. It’s not me who’s doing something wrong, but something to do with the international mail system.

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When our mailman went on holiday this year, PostNL just didn’t deliver our mail (in the neighbourhood) for 2 weeks. :flushed:


Yes, for my local Mail Centre & Delivery Office this is the case.

I personally have not noticed any difference in time for sending postcards, but for recieveing…

Well I’m not normally at home when the postie delivers, but in the last couple of weeks, I am only getting mail twice a week, A big thud of rubber banded bundle postcards on the door mat delivered by an agency worker in t-shirt, shorts and a yellow Hi-Vis.

It wouldn’t suprise me with the recent heatwaves, that mail processing and deliveries have been affected.

The summer holidays aslo sees the lowest levels of letters, so most will be on holiday.

Plus, not to mention the looming strike action at the end of the month and in September :unamused:


I thought my 7 expired was bad, but 16, that’s a lot!

When I’ve picked what I think is a great postcard for someone and it does not arrive, it’s very annoying/upsetting when it expires.

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