Problems with received

I worry about the fact that I almost don’t get postcards at all. I check my mailbox every day, but postcards come very rarely and very little. It started around the month of August. At the moment I haven’t received 25 postcards. I have even been blocked from sending, but fortunately I received 3 postcards and immediately registered them. So I was able to send a couple more postcards from my trip. I went to my post office to find out the information, but the post office employee did not inform me about any problems with delivery, I asked the postman but he also had nothing for me.
Some of my postcards also take a very long time, but I don’t have any big problems with delivery to other participants yet.


Maybe it’s because you tell people in your profile to ignore your address if they do not want to send to Russia?


Of course, what @Herzmuschel wrote could be true.

Otherwise, I can only repeat what I wrote to another user just yesterday.

I didn’t think about it, but I’m not sure that it affected the number of postcards sent that much. I think this is an isolated case.

Of course, it could also be that your address did not go out because too many cards sent to you were not registered.
But then you should have received a notification about that. Did you?

Looking at your received list, the last time your address went out was on 7 August.
In any case, no cards written later have arrived.

But all this can only be assumed. Therefore: Please ask the support.

On October 20, I received 3 postcards, but 2 of them were sent more than 100 days ago.

Another idea: You mention a trip. Did you set your profile inactive before the trip and/or send postcards in travel mode from that trip? If so, when did you put your profile into active mode again? Because your address is not given out while you are in inactive mode or travel mode.


В России ещё с августа проблемы большие с почтой, они перешли на новую программу и там очень много писем весят на мц Внуково, по всей России так. Так что не стоит беспокоиться, рано или поздно всё придет :+1:

@HappyToy Please write in English in this section of the forum.

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I turned on the travel mode, just for a week. It couldn’t affect it in any way. We are talking about 25 postcards now, not 2-3. When I got home, I immediately turned it off.

I knew there were problems, but I didn’t think it was that serious. They haven’t been able to solve this problem for 3 months? Why do the postal workers themselves know nothing about this?

Postal workers know this is exactly the reason they say at post offices all over Russia. But there may be a new wave of delays. Russian Post, get used to it.

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I can tell you that of the 12 cards i sent to Rússia since the beggining of august only 3 have arrived :unamused:

I have the same problem. My postcards to Russia are also not registered yet. But not only postcards to Russia. Also to the US are not registered yet. I sent them all via Air mail and normally it takes a few days. Now the postcards are not registered for about 4 weeks.

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Have these people registered others cards recently, but not yours?

Some yes but the most of them not

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