Problem with the same address?

Hello all,
I have a question, is it a problem to have several people doing postcrossing in the same family? Who have the same mailing address?

Can the site reverse the names due to the same address?

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Several people of the same family and with the same address can have their own postcrossing account, but all of them have to use a different mailaccount…

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Dazu hätte ich eine Frage:
Ich darf aufgrund dessen, dass in der Vergangenheit mehrere Postcrossing-Accounts (5 Stück) besessen habe, nur mehr 1 Account “besitzen”.

Darf jetzt meine potenzielle Freundin (wenn sie die selbe Adresse hat) nicht Postcrossing machen?


I’m having one question:
I’m not allowed to open more than one account, because I opend several accounts in the past.
Is my girlfriend allowed to set up her own postcrossing account, if she is having the same mailing adress as me?

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In this part of the forum we all speak English - can you please translate you post :slightly_smiling_face:

And to your question:
Of course your girl friend can have an own Postcrossing account if she has the same address as you, but she needs another mailaccount as you.

Yep! As long as each member of the family includes their own name in their address, it’s fine. It will be flagged as being the same address as if you don’t each put your own name in it, of course.

I think you’re asking whether cards could be sent to the wrong person by accident, and the answer is no. Addresses are selected based on the account, not the address.

I’m quite sure that this topic was already discussed in forum.:thinking:

Maybe but I don’t find

Similar discussion, maybe you’ll find it interesting:

There were mentioned cases of postcrossers (relatives, couples etc.) from the same household.
I hope it will be useful.

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I added my daughter to postcrossing on my computer - how do I enter myself on SAME computer which continues to pull up my daughter

Signing out your daughter and signing in yourself should work. :slight_smile:


You can deal the computer as nekelin advised but you have to have your own email-addresses.


You can also use a different browser for each account. Like Chrome for yourself and Firefox for her.


There should be no problem. I share my computer with my twin sister, each of us has an own postcrossing account. But, as @kotona already has written, each of us has an own email adress.


There’s also the possibility to make another user account on the computer, so that your daughter has her own area (?) which you can also protect to avoid that she sees things on the internet that you don’t want her to see. I use this possibility when children come for a visit and want to use my computer. I give them a guest account and they can also not come by accident into my files.


@01Alyissa10 ,

If you have your own email address, it’s no problem.
You can then both open an account.
When my daughters were younger, they also had their own account with their own email address on my PC.
At the time, we had three accounts, each with its own email address on the same PC.