Pre scanning postcards?

I bought a bunch of new cards and while being on the internet, I am also scanning them to my computer. So when I am going to write them, I can upload them right away.

Anyone else doing this?


So how do you send them? The actual pc or the image on your computer?

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Honestly, doesn’t seem worth the trouble to me.


I thought I might do that when I first started, lol, but in practice what actually happens is I scan them when I’ve chosen to send them.


I do. Cause I organize my swap albums and my received cards


I wait to scan when I’m sending it out. I have a large stockpile of postcards so scanning them all in would take a lot of time.


I use the scanner at work, so sometimes when I know it will be a more relaxed week, I take some cards from recent purchases and scan in advance. With specific name and some hints in file-details, I usually find the scan when needed ;-). And can avoid the ‘panic’ between drawing an adress and uploading an image (because, you know, if the drawn profile is deleted during that tiny gap, the respective card is missing in your gallery :wink: :wink: )


I am not sure what you mean? I use a scanner to scan the cards. I store the image in my computer. When I request an address, I always use my computer as I think the screen of my phone is too small. :grimacing::face_with_hand_over_mouth: It is easy to upload the picture before sending the card.


I have sorted them mostley by brand name folowed by what is on the card. That doesn’t always help. I have quite a stack of cards from Amsterdam, all featuring the Prinsengracht, but there are like 6 different ones. :see_no_evil:

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Sometimes by scrolling through them, I am reminderd of other cards that I have. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I don’t have every card scanned already. My scanner detects when there are two cards on the scanner and scans them seperately. So I started prescanning when I found this out.

But I am not sure if it actually saves time. :woman_shrugging:

I have most of mine pre-scanned. Mostly because I do the occasional swap so I have an offers album. Some of the bulk packs of generic cards I haven’t scanned, just not worth it. But it does make it slightly quicker and simpler when sending officials, if only cause the lighting at my writing desk is terrible for photo scanning :joy:


I do everything on the phone. I buy lots of cards. I send too few cards for my liking. :roll_eyes:

So I only take photos prior to uploading them, or prior to showing someone for an exchange or to prove the card is written/stamped.


About a year after I started Postcrossing I started to scan all my postcards.

Mostly I scan them soon after I received them, the purchased ones within a week and then I upload them into my online album.

I have always used a standalone flatbed or photo scanner for the postcards, it’s worth the purchase and the work is done real fast. The scan quality of our old all-in-one printer was far beyond acceptable and using that small screen of a smartphone drives me mad.

@elektrazz I’m also not 100 % sure what you mean but of course one has to send the actual postcard. The image is just for the wall or online albums.


Not practical for me, I have about 1,000 new cards , I may never send all of them so a waste of time. I keep them in categories and photograph as I use.


I use a flatbed too. It is very easy to get good pictures.

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I take a photo on my phone, upload and then delete from my phone for each official card. I don’t have the space on my computer or my phone to keep photos of the cards.


I take pictures of the postcard before sending it, and sometimes I take photos of the postcard from the site where I ordered it!

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This part of the forum is in english. :wink:

I only take pictures of my cards with my phone when I pull up the recipient’s address. I will take a picture, in the edits I will cut it a bit into a tolerable form and upload it to the obtained address :slightly_smiling_face:


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