POSTMARKS and CANCELLATIONS across the globe! [NOT commemorative ones]

Wonderful clear Minsk-73 cancellation!

Thank you @makoj89 !


I sent myself a letter with these stamps. I was in an agency for the stamp of my city… and then the machine stamped (in the right place, in the top right corner…) probably because the command was: Stamp not found. But I’m happy, both were well stamped and not “fake” but sent correctly

Received today, a interesting cancellation


Leap Day 2024 set of postmarks from Indiana, USA!

Muchas gracias @Rooster! :beers: Say “meow” to Sadie :wink:


@400050 I am glad you liked the card.

I got the other card too, and it’s just as awesome!

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Another clear cancellation… Beautiful design.
Thank you @uconn

Who is Roger Sherman? :us:
Copy paste:
Roger Sherman is the only person to sign all four of the important American Revolutionary documents : the Articles of Association in 1774, the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the Articles of Confederation in 1781, and the Constitution of the United States in 1787.


Some more exciting mail from China! This time it’s a couple of postcards that I sent to my friends from the city of Chongqing. Have you guys ever heard of it? It used to be virtually unknown abroad until a few years ago, when it became “TikTok” famous because of its hills and skyscrapers. Cool city!

A postmark from Jiefangbei (JFB) District. I love how clear it is! JFB is in the heart of the city, and there’s an entire “Postal Culture Street” there, with postal-themed coffee shops, loads of mailable gadgets and a huge variety of rubber stamps. A postcrosser’s paradise, basically! A lot of tourists go there to get their stuff postmarked, which is why they make sure that all their cancellations are legible (look at that perfectly crisp postmark in the image!).

This is the “Par Avion” stamp from the JFB District post office. It touched the tiny watercolour I included on the postcard! As we’ve seen previously, there’s little standardisation when it comes to these “Par Avion” stamps. The one I’m showing you next will be slightly different.

Another less “perfect”, but equally legible postmark from Xinmin St., not far from JFB. I used one of China Post’s famous green mailboxes. You can tell from the irregular edges that the rubber stamp is old. The postage stamp at the top shows the picturesque Xinghua Duotian Irrigation and Drainage System. Underneath, where you can read “-qing”, is a slip paper, which I cut out and stuck to the postcard as decoration.

And this is the “Par Avion” stamp from the card I’d sent out from Xinmin St. If you compare it with the first one, you’ll see that they’re noticeably different. The other one uses a sans serif typeface, while this one is written in a serif one! Well, it’s not really that big of a difference… Sometimes I see misspellings too (“Par aavion”—I’ll need to find that postcard again so I could show you), and this file on Wikipedia shows a “Par avidn” stamp!!


Thank you @JulieBash !


Hello everyone👋
I have received a card with those cancellations recently. It has Briefzentrum, Nachträglich entwertet and one more in the center that I can’t recognize.
Could someone help me please? I remember there were people in this topic, who know much about German postmarks.

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Received this special cancellation from India :india:


I made some Maxicards and send them for the special Leapday cancellation


Received these today

Train :steam_locomotive: cancellation and lamb :sheep: stamps


My own hand cancel, with a Mailer’s Postmark Permit


Date cancellation on recent mails


I got this lovely postmark from Taiwan, I guess it’s for the year of the dragon. :dragon: :postbox:


It reads Taiwan Postcard Exchange, 12th Anniversary
I believe it’s a temporary postmark made by Chunghwa Post :smile:

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Thanks for thetranslation :smiley:

Hand-cancelled in Kamikochi National Park, Nagano - Japan :jp: :

Hand cancellation from Snaefell Summit, Snaefell Mountain Railway mail. Spray-on from Douglas - Isle of Man :isle_of_man: :

Machine cancellation from Douglas, Isle of Man :isle_of_man: :

Posted in Rhodes, machine cancelled in Athens - Greece :greece: :

Hand cancellation from Volcano, Hawai’i. Then a spray-on from Honolulu:

Hand cancellation from Smithsonian National Postal Museum, Washington D.C :us: :

Hand cancellation from Burlingame, machine cancellation from San Francisco, California :us: :


Beautiful hand cancellation from Worcester, MA - USA (combined with a crisp machine cancellation)