POSTMARKS and CANCELLATIONS across the globe! [NOT commemorative ones]

I’m scanning postcards again and found a cancellation from North Korea.


A typical postmark from the Philippines.

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A much cleaner scan of a typical Hungarian hand-issued postmark, showing post office “Budapest 181” (Budapest 181 Posta, located in Budapest Airport T2A), Magyar Posta abbreviation “MP”, Date “2020 02 05” and stamp code “NA” (differs by stamp/office)

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The 2 lower ones are from Japan. Can anyone tell me a little more about them?

@aerobear the red Japanese special postmark is categorized as a 風景印 Fukei-in. Here is Japan Post’s description. You have the second postmark in black ink, because they need to add the stamp in English for international mail.

Those postmarks are from a Post Office in an outlet mall in Hiroshima. It is Japan Post’s first post office that is dedicated to their mascot, ぽすくま Posu Kuma (Post Bear).

Outside and inside of the post office.
PosuKuma1 PosuKuma2

And here is my rare postmark.
USA McMurdo research station in Antarctica.
Yes, I deliberately chose the Penguin stamps :wink:


Cat cancellation says “Ensi päivä” (in Finnish) and “Första dagen” (in Swedish) which means “First Day” of issue.

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I received a Hong Kong machine cancellation today.

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Hi All, not sure if any UK Postmarks have been added or discussed, apologies if all ready mentioned.

Here are some standard Ink-Jet Postmarks on UK domestic 1st and 2nd Class rate letters

Postmarks from my local Mail Centre - Greenford/Windsor

Postmarks from other UK Mail Centres.
For domestic mail, Royal usually put on slogans of sponsors, at the moment most of them are Coronavirus messages or National Health Service (NHS) healthcare sponsors, most common one is about Mental Health issues.
Most international post won’t receive these Postmarks, normally just the wavy lines, the processing Mail Centres name, date and time, this usually applies to both domestic and international postcards.

Above are (rare for me, as if I don’t receive an Ink-Jet postmark, its usually the Ball-point or Marker Pen! NOTTINGHAM I am looking at you!) operational date stamps for mail that has been rejected or missed by the printers, they are Croydon (South London) and Nottingham which is blue ink.


… A few more operational Postmarks of the UK

Ink Jet postmark across multiple stamps from Gatwick Mail Centre
Unknown hand-stamp 2nd Class stamp
And interwoven rings of Post Office Counter Date Stamps of 1st & 2nd Class Large Letter stamps.

Here are what postcards recieve, I’ve included one with a pen scribble, as it’s quite common here in the UK sadly.


Today I received a card with this cancellation, although it’s a special one I guess it’s not commemorative.


Saw this photo in the What postcards have you sent or received today? thread and was wondering whether Japan possibly has some kind of new postmark…

There is also one of those on my last card from Japan:


My thought was that the stamp was placed by hand, to ensure all the stamps got cancelled.

It would be interesting to get an answer to our musings !

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Hey guys, sorry for my long hiatus. I’m always like this with forums: I have fun for two days, and then disappear for a month! But I’m back! :smiley: I have just updated the list in the first post, so that a curious internet-wanderer can easily go through all the postmarks they’re interested in.

All the international mail from North Korea is sorted and postmarked in Pyongyang, even if you send it from other cities such as Kaesŏng, Namp’o etc. It would be super interesting to see what local North Korean postmarks look like but, obviously, it’d be super difficult for us to get them.

I haven’t added these to the list in the first post yet – let’s first find out what these are! They’re definitely postmarks, as can be seen from the letters… They’re probably hand stamps? Idk, the wobbliness in the second picture makes it very unmachine-like :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hand cancellation from Norway :norway:

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I started looking through my postcards for cancellations I could add here:


  1. Hand and machine
  2. machine

Belgium hand


  1. oval hand
  2. machine




Czech Republic machine

Germany Schiffspost (cancelled on the ferry from Helgoland)

Algeria hand

Finland (2 different machines)

France (2 different machines)

France (Martinique) machine




India hand

Lithuania hand black

I have some more, but need to look through them first…


Summary from postmark wikipedia - Japanese

[European language roller postmark - 欧文ローラー印]

Compared to the European round postmark, there are few post office that are deployed, and many collection and delivery post office are not deployed.

Mail items that are thick or may be damaged when cancellation, such as non-standard-sized parcels, parcels, and agricultural seedlings, and cannot be cancellation with ordinary round European postmark.
And, It’s used to cancellation a large number of stamps at once.
So I think it’s a hand.

[Japanese language roller potmark - 和文ローラー印]

I hope you understand my poor English. :see_no_evil:


Perfectly understandable English !!!

THANK YOU for the information !!!

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Interesting recent arrivals: a Yellowstone National Park postmark :smiley:
and an envelope from Jordan with no postmark at all :roll_eyes:


Now I looked through the rest of my postcards:

Malaysia hand

Netherlands inkjet and Switzerland hand (received that one as poste restante in Switzerland)

Norway machine

Nepal hand

Philipines hand


two different machines

hand blue ink


Slovakia hand



Taiwan machine


hand and machine

two different machines


Flag postmark year 1913 (from a thread about surprise vintage postcards)


Postmarkt from Netherlands, seems it can be used instead of stamps

Canadian cancelation from the town of Berwick

And Holiday greetings from the USA

and postmark from Great Britain, probably commemorative, but I haven’t received such before