Postcrossing's PO box mail 📬

The Postcrossing team receives a *lot* of mail on the project’s PO box, and although we read and hold every single one of them in our hands, this is more mail than we have time to acknowledge individually… so I thought maybe I would make a topic here on the forum to say say thank you for all the nice postcards, letters and parcels that the community sends us.

I plan to take photos of the mailbox contents every now and then, and I hope that if you see your postcards here, you’ll know they were received and treasured.

Thank you so much for filling our days with encouragement, kindness and mementos from your get togethers. They mean a lot to us, and keep us going! :yellow_heart:

PS - If you included your username on the card (and you’re a forum member), I’ll send you a little poke when I post a photo of your card. Alas, Discourse no longer allows this. :frowning:


Here’s a few from earlier this year!

Palindrome day, meeting cards, postcards made by the senders themselves, bits of poetry, mailart, brilliant stamps, words of support… all lovely!

One anonymous postcard reads:

“Dear Postcrossing team! I have had this card for awhile now and couldn’t decide to whom I should send it. I like it a lot. I figured why not send it to you guys?”

Aww… :heart_eyes:


These are mostly from last year! :grimacing: The mail pile is very high, and slightly disorganized, as we like to look at postcards now and then (they’re perfect for a little boost of motivation in the middle of hard tasks) and don’t always put them back in the same order…

Well, we’re catching up, and that’s what counts!

Lots of meetups, World Postcard Day events, nice wishes for the New Year, bits of art (even a real polaroid!), and postcards with so many stamps that there’s barely space for the address :heart_eyes:


Awesome! Thanks for tagging us and glad you received the postcard from our meetup :grin: :pray:


So many holidays & New Years greetings on this bunch! :heart_eyes:

Lovely cards, kind wishes, festive postmarks and perfectly chosen stamps… and even a secret story involving copying mailbox keys! :sweat_smile:


I see last years Christmas Potluck meeting card. That was a fun meeting.

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What a wonderful thread you started! I appreciate Postcrossing so much and have been happy to contribute to the pile of post you receive as my way of saying thanks for what you do!


Another group of fantastic postcards that made its way to the PO box earlier in the year!

People telling us about Santa’s post office in Lappland, about their breakfast bagels in New York and milk tea in Hong Kong, about their meetups and the interesting stamps found at their post offices… :green_heart: Speaking of which, how cool is this double stamp from UAE, made for Arab Postal Day?


And the last one for today:

Recycled postcards with real wildflower seeds, drawings, beautiful handwritings and even lovelier messages, postcards wishing for peace, celebrating the International Museum Day and also World Environment Day, postcards from friends getting together for the first time after lockdown, from cruises, from postcrossers celebrating their Postcrossingversaries, and from someone who convinced their boss to join! :heart_eyes: We love them all!


This is a wonderful thread to have! Thank you for starting it, I know others will also really enjoy knowing their cards made it to you safely and was enjoyed!

I can see the postcard from meet-up in Yoshkar-Ola, that was the first and only official postcrossing meeting for me. Such a lovely memory :slight_smile:


And I love you very much. Thank you for being there, thank you for doing this wonderful thing!


Glad to see that the New Year’s card arrived ! Thank you for letting me know. :grinning:


This is a wonderful thread to have! Thank you for starting it!
I am glad that the postcard arrived safely.

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I like this thread to see them and delighted on arrival of the card which was sent. Thank you :blush:

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What a wonderful idea! I’m happy to see all the cards. Now I will look again and again, until mine is on the photo :slight_smile: :star_struck: Thank you for sharing it.

Do you think @meiadeleite that this could be a read-only thread? I enjoy seeing all the mail you receive but it’s a bit disappointing when I see a new post only to find it was just someone expressing their excitement in words. Nothing againts excitement of course, please don’t kill me people :smile: The thread just becomes a bit cluttered in my opinion, considering its original purpose.


Well, we just thank @meiadeleite for letting us know about the cards we sent…

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Dear Ana, please frequent posting in this thread so readers are not disappointed. :relaxed:

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No, please not.
I would find it a great pity if people were not allowed to express their joy here that their own card has arrived in Portugal.