Postcrossing Stamp Launch Festival Meetup - Tallinn, ESTONIA - October 1, 2022

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Tallinn, Estonia
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Conference Floor at Original Sokos Hotel Viru, Viru Väljak 4, Tallinn
:calendar: DATE: Saturday, October 1
:alarm_clock: TIME: 2-5 PM EET
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

We are celebrating the Word Postcard Day BIG by organizing…

Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association ( organizes a Postcrossing Stamp Launch Festival Meetup in Tallinn on October 1-2, 2022 in cooperation with Estonian Post (Omniva), and local postcrossers.

The joint launch event and the festival meetup is a public event, everyone is warmly welcome. No participation fees. Omniva is selling stamps and other products and giving first-day special cancellations. There will be also several postcard illustrators, and publishers, introducing and selling their postcards.


From Finland travels a bigger group to this event. The journey for the group starts from Helsinki on Saturday at 10.30 and they will have a pre-meetup on Viking XPRS Conference premises. Brunch is served.

The group trip includes also a bus excursion on Sunday to Fotografiska and TV-Tower.

We have few seats available, they are open to everyone (also non-members of our association). Registration required!


In the evening there will be a Postcrossing Stamp Celebration Dinner at Restaurant Merineitsi, at Hotel Viru beginning at 19. It is possible to buy a seat for the dinner (a limited number of seats). It cost 55€ (included in the group trip price).


Anyone can come to the event, but we require registration from those who participate in the group trip and those who want to join in the dinner.

We recommend registration also from those who participate only in the Stamp Launch Event, so we can prepare enough number of tables, etc.

!!! Registration is now closed, but you can participate without registering, too. !!!

<><> LIST OF PARTICIPANTS (as of 29.9.) <><>


  • insp3ktor


  • absentminded
  • AliceFromEstland
  • amullari
  • andry1961
  • AndyTukker
  • cerres
  • ede001
  • Ersatsgirl
  • evajette
  • Evgenia_Est
  • fireles
  • hello_valeriia
  • hot_dog
  • Irvinn
  • jalutaja
  • Kammers
  • KarinLepp
  • Katrinkiisu
  • Kiisukass
  • KWilder
  • Lontsa
  • maili_vm
  • mantonio
  • meriitium
  • moonduja
  • Nishant
  • oziyasin
  • p2ikeseplika
  • Pihlakas
  • reisisell
  • Sabake
  • side14
  • sikujuga
  • squingu
  • Tamzin
  • tautlesei
  • tsunaami


  • Anjusha
  • Dollart
  • dreamfighter
  • elmanaakka
  • Ezzi
  • Fahda
  • gsalmine
  • Haigru
  • Jefra
  • Jonesy72
  • Juklea
  • Karhuntassu
  • kat_ja
  • katarinahildur
  • katil
  • Katitriin
  • Kikka
  • Lida_M
  • mhojk
  • Minttuinkeri
  • Minttumaaria
  • mirella
  • Nakendorf
  • Piipi22
  • Raisa-Hannele
  • Riit
  • Riittamuori
  • rokprinzess
  • Sanna
  • Sarimk71
  • Savolax
  • Seijafi
  • Shireya
  • Sinnika
  • snive
  • T2
  • Tallu
  • Tatuhi
  • Vivalditha
  • Windmill


  • jofemapa

<><> MEETUP CARDS <><>

There are two meetup cards available. For group trip participants we will send them in advance, but otherwise, you can buy them from the event (credit card payment only). Photos on these postcards are taken by a local photographer Kaupo Kalda.





Meetup details are updated today September 5.

Detailed information and registration (for those who participate the group trip from Helsinki, and for those who want to participate the Postcrossing stamp celebration dinner).


Hello. I will be glad to exchange))

Greetings from Serbia! Anyone would like to swap?

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Hello neighbors!
Would anyone like to swap with Vilnius?

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Hello to Estonia,

is it possible to buy the two meetup cards without beeing at Tallin?
Of course including the pastage fee.
For my person it’s nice to see the stamps and signatures, bult it’s
not necessary. Would also like to get the two cards in an envelope.
Regards with love and PEACE Martin (Mattin62)

I am interested in swapping two cards. I can send to cards from PR. If interested please PM me! Thanks

Hello! I would love to receive the first meeting card with the Postcrossing stamp and signed by the participants. :heart_eyes:
I can offer other postcards from my past meetings or tourist cards from Italy.
Please message me if you are interested.
Here is my swap album for meeting cards: Postcrossing meeting cards for swap |
I hope you will have fun at this meeting!

I’d be happy to get a meetup card with the PC stamp.

I would certainly reciprocate, the following options are all available:

  • Right now: from Germany, possibly with a special request of a card
  • Next week from Tivoli, Italy
  • On October 7th: either with a WPD card, or a card from Berlin’s Museum of Communications, AND the German PC stamp and special cancellation mark.
  • Later in October from Egypt (normal card and stamp)
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Hello ~ Any one wanna swap this Meetup card with me ??
Here’s my offer of the coming meetup cards & WPD card


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hello! postcard with old city`s view is amazing!

i would like to exchange it for this tiger one. Please, let me know your decision.

Best wishes,


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Can we swap?

List of participants added and updated today September 20.

I would like to swap postcards

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Hi I could send in exchange a card from the Launch Meet-up in Berlin for the german postcrossing stamp in exchange for your amazing card and stamp :heart:

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Hi @Tetsuko i can send you card from the launch meet up, and i also have someone sending card from your new stamp meetup.

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Hi, I would really like to receive these postcards, I will be happy to exchange them.))

Would like to exchange the cards for Delhi WPD meetup cards 2022
Delhi meetup card 2
I will be posting them on OCT 1
Interested in this swap?
Please PM me before OCT 1!

Hi! I really want to get a second postcard with a stamp, stamp and signature of the participants! write to me personally if possible please

I want to register for the meeting, but the site gives a 403 error. Can you please tell me how to fix this?