Postcrossing Stamp Launch Festival Meetup - Tallinn, ESTONIA - October 1, 2022

I want to register for the meeting, but the site gives a 403 error. Can you please tell me how to fix this?

Did you try this link

Looking for someone to exchange the meet up card. You can see my offers here at Instagram.

Hello! If it’s not too late, I would be glad to receive this card with wishes from all participants

I would like to thank the Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association for organizing this event. It was first time for me to visit such event. It was great idea to invite postcard publishers too; I had a chance to buy many beautiful and affordable postcards to send fellow postcrossers later. :bouncing:

Also, Postcrossing stamp, woww, you managed to convince Omniva to release it. This is a great achievement! :+1:


Hi! Did you found somebody to swap the ostcard with?

Hope someone would like to swap with me, please. :blush:
I like any of the card, since both look nice.

My offer for swap

View cards

Photo (nature, animals, flowers, food, etc)

Illustrations, characters, art

Art (ukiyo-e) by Tsuchiya Koitsu


Buzz Lightyear movie

Harry Potter offer

Handmade and food packaging


Thank you @insp3ktor and everyone else for the lovely card and very nice stamp and cancellation! All the best from Tanumine/Camilla :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello all, is there anyone need Loupaper NY or New Jersey? Both sent from the origin. I want to swap for this postcrossing stamp. I can also offer TS cards. ADG cards sent from NYC. :innocent:

Thank you so much to both Marko and Minna for sending me cards from this meetup!! :smiley:

Hello! Very beautiful postcards. Swap please? My meeting postcards:

Hi everyone, I would love to exchange these postcards from Tallin meetup, I have some of the Italian meetups and I also have other generic postcards.
If you want, send me a PM.