Postcrossing setting "postcards from own country" + "travel mode"

I got following question I couldn’t find an answer too.
If I’m in travel mode in a different country could I get an address from that country if the person has selected the “postcards from own country” mode? Do I have to have the mark selected for that too? or does travel mode not allow to send to the country one is sending from?

And: If I’m in travel mode can I draw an address of my home country?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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As far as I know, you can neither draw addresses from the country you are visiting nor from your own country when you use Travel mode.

UPDATE: It looks like you can draw addresses from your country in Travel mode if you have “sending to my country” enabled. :wink:


I can prove this one wrong at least. :smiley:
I sent from Oslo to Germany in travel mode.

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I think if you have sending to your own country enabled then it is valid also for Travel Mode.


Good to know!

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Yes. When I lived in the UK and had “same country” on, I sent to the UK 3 times in total, 2 of which were in travel mode!

To my knowledge, you can’t get an address in the country you are in, but I don’t remember where I read that.

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What about in a situation, when for example I live in Finland, and have chosen not to receive or send cards from country. But, when someone else from Finland travels to another country, can they then get my address?

(I started to think, that last summer I got a postcard from Finland, but I was sure it can’t be a Postcrossing card, since I’ve kept “not my country” all the time. Maybe someone used travel mode, got my address, and thought to send it from Finland? (It had gotten wet, so I can’t see if there is any id).)

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The travel mode allows to send within the country. Last Sunday I drew addresses in Germany while being in travel mode in Germany.

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No, I think both parties need to have the option of sending within their own country enabled. I’m pretty sure I’ve read that somewhere but not able to link to or quote.


When using Travel Mode in a different country, the option to allow exchanges with own (home) country works just like when you are back home: you may get an address in your home country if you have the option selected.

While this is not what is being asked here, this may be interesting to know: when traveling using Travel Mode in a different country, we always excluded that country from the possible destinations. This is mostly for simplicity, as we would also need to account for the receivers option on whether to exchange postcards with own country.


Thanks for all the answers :slight_smile: and the clarification Paulo :slight_smile:

Could this info be added to the FAQ about travel mode, please?

I looked in the FAQ, but couldn’t find it. I also did a search for “travel mode” on the forum, but didn’t get this topic (could be that I just didn’t scroll enough).