Postcrossing merchandise?

Would you be interested in any help to get this plan off the ground? I don’t have any particular experience but I’m sure other Postcrossers would be glad to help in some way.


I would love a good ink pen to use for writing, and a cross body / backpack that looks like letter carrier bag that is light weight with of course the post crossing logo.


Thank you — that is a really kind offer! :yellow_heart: I’m sure we will need help at some point in the future, and I’ll keep in mind your words, and remember to ask for help (something that does not come easy for us).

At the moment, the shop’s design is done, the initial product line-up is there and we’ve even tested some of the products by using them intensively! It’s just a matter of ironing out some quirks of our invoicing software, and then making sure we have time on our hands to handle what comes with having a shop (questions, returns, missing parcels, payment bugs, etc). This last part can be quite time-consuming, which is why we didn’t want to embark on that journey just yet, when so much has been going on.

But we’re almost ready, and really excited to finally have a shop where we can put things! I especially look forward to collaborating with designers to make cool tshirts or other limited edition products that put postcards and traditional mail on the spotlight. :heart_eyes:


Oh, wow, that’s amazing! I was thinking of something (comparatively) small and low-maintenance, like a Cafe Press shop. This is so much better! And you’re so far along in the build!

I shall commence waiting with great excitement. :grin:

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I read some posts about Postcrossing Merch from back in 2022. Has there been anything new on the topic? Is there anything out there to buy yet? I would love to wear a Postcrossing T-shirt to work. :slight_smile:


I would love Postcrossing merchandise.


Yes, I would love that too.
:hugs: :heart_eyes_cat:

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