Postcrossing merchandise?

I don’t recall seeing a discussion anywhere on this topic, so as a newcomer, I’m worried that I’m running afoul of a prominently-placed rule that I’ve managed to miss, or else restarting a heated argument. So, if either of those things is true, I request that a moderator sink my post with extreme prejudice and call me a bad name. =)

Anyway: When I first joined, I was a little surprised that there isn’t a Postcrossing shop. Nothing involved or requiring a warehouse somewhere – just a link to one of the many manufacture-on-demand services where members could get tee shirts, enamel pins, or similar. Personally, I’d be very happy to buy a red enamel P-stamp for my jacket, and explain what it was to anyone and everyone who I even suspected had glanced at it. And who doesn’t need more tee shirts that declare their hobbies? It seems like this would be a very good way to allow members to support the site financially, as well as provide a little advertising.

So, that’s my suggestion.


I second this suggestion - I’d totally buy a postcrossing coffee mug


Is it just me remembering wrong, but was there some talk about Postcrossing webshop earlier on the blog? And it was a question on the questionnaire we had few months back (like something along the lines would you be interested and what you would like to buy)? I think there hasn’t yet been any further announcement on that, but it would be a cool addition I think. I am just unsure if there were mentions about it or if I just dreamed the whole thing :thinking:


I’d love some Postcrossing merch! :smiley:

Mugs, shirts, pins, sticker,…
Washi tape would be cool too or maybe some rubber stamps.
Postcards would be perfect of course :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’ll totally wear/use a postcrossing sweater, hoodie, socks, reusable grocery bag or tote bag (I love tote bags). Postcrossing Washi tapes would be nice too :slight_smile: Or even car decals. They are such great advertisement!


I’d love to have a Postcrossing mug! Great suggestion!


I would happily purchase some Postcrossing merch. I have a mug from a popular fandom site I use frequently and a sweatshirt and stickers from a podcast I listen to.

I would be interested in:

mugs / water bottles
stickers / decals
a face mask
t-shirt maybe


Long time ago there was a postcrossing merchandise for t-shirts and buttons, but this was more than 10 years ago…


If someone wanted to design something, there are shops like Zazzle that put the design on different items and sell them. Maybe the profits could be steered to Postcrossing itself to help support this website.


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I would totally buy a postcrossing mug, or tote bag, enamel pin or water bottle.

I also think it’s a good idea that the profits could go towards supporting the site!


You didn’t dream it, it was in the survey. I enthusiastically voted yes for a Postcrossing shop. :heart_eyes:


Even me! I think this will serve more than one purpose. Would love to support. Even some post cards? :heart_eyes:


I want a relaxed fit ladies tee lol and a tote bag!

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I want t-shirts in my size!


The timing of this topic is spot on, as we’ve just received some really cool samples this week… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please bear with us for a little longer — the shop is coming, as soon as we get the logistics of it right. We’ll have just a few products at first and then expand as time allows and we bring in designers to do cool stuff with us. It’s super exciting and we can’t wait to show you all!

PS — In the meantime, if you buy products from other communities/sites that you’re a part of, do let us know. We’re curious about the products they have available and the solutions they’ve found to sell, manufacture and ship things.


I typically do buy merch for causes/communities I’m passionate about… as long as I like the logo/design. I have a particular penchant for comfy stretchy t-shirts and fuzzy hoodies. I already have tons of water bottles and coffee mugs, so wouldn’t purchase them, but others might. Face masks, stickers and posters could be good too. Campfire seems to be a popular site for this type of merch. Unfortunately, since I still don’t like the “new” Postcrossing logo, I don’t plan to purchase any merch with it. (Sorry!)

Maybe if Postcrossing offered designs other than the official logo? Someone on the Seattle NaNoWriMo Discord group actually designed their own “Seattle NaNo” artwork and gave me permission to use it on a t-shirt. I got the t-shirt from Vistaprint with that artwork, in addition to ordering the “official” Seattle NaNo hoodie. Postcrossing could do a design contest and select some new designs, created by users, to put on merch. Then I might buy some stuff!

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I volunteer at and their sticker proudly decorates my notebook. :slight_smile: Order went through


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I would love to see a lapel pin in the shape of a postcard with the P logo as the stamp.

It would be great to drink tea out of a Postcrossing mug while wearing a Logo T-shirt!


Ik would love the possibility to order a rubber stamp with postcrossing logo and my username!