Postcrossing merchandise?

Postcrossing washi tape :heart_eyes:
I’d buy


Oh yeah! Checking my bank account now to make sure I’m ready for this :wink:


I have two t-shirts bought more than 10 years ago. That site was a good way to do it, I think, as Postcrossing would design the products and the shop would ship, so Postcrossing wouldn’t have that trouble. (Was it “coffeeshop” maybe, the site? I don’t remember anymore)
I would love some stationery, tote bag, tshirt…etc etc etc :heart_eyes:

Close enough — it was called Cafepress. :slight_smile: It’s interesting to hear that some of you still remember the first Postcrossing shop… it feels like it was a lifetime away!


I have ordered from them. Their quality is pretty good!

:rofl::rofl:my memory, I only remembered there was coffee in it :rofl::rofl:

And I still wear my t-shirt!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Big success as no one has the same around here

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I would love to support if they start an official merchandise store or stationary.

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I do not need any merchandise about Postcrossing…
my hobby is to send cards and to collect cards by myself, I have done this for many years without any merchandise…

I remember it, too! However, I think I didn’t order anything because the delivery was too expensive. :pensive:

Mug, tote bag, washi tape would be my favourites.

I have ordered all kinds of stuff through redbubble, and apart from the ill-fitting flimsy face masks, really liked their quality.

I know that the website is a trusted location for many communities (several of which I am a part of) to sell merchandise. The company was created specifically to help smaller creators create merchandise in smaller numbers and reach their audience with a larger-than-typical commission to the creators. I would love to see Postcrossing join them :smiley:


I have a t-shirt from that old shop, with the old logo and everything! It’s my treasure. :grinning: :grinning: I’ll definitely buy a new shirt though if/when that becomes possible.


It is a very nice idea that is coming to life! I would suggest that you check shipment prices because some sites have super expensive shipment charges to most countries and that would definitely put off potential buyers.

EU based shipment would for sure be easier for EU countries (customs and all) but I understand if that doesnt happen…

With the new shop, don’t use DHL - they charge super high brokerage fees in Canada ($30+ brokerage fee plus the duty that is often only a few dollars). Canada Post doesn’t charge anything close to their rates, only a few dollars - if they charge at all.

I hope that you’re able to use the post, but also know for some countries it is better to use couriers. I for one would pay a bit more to have shipped by post to avoid the brokerage fees (DHL is highest fee).

Back to topic - I am super excited about buying official Postcrossing merchandise. :slight_smile:

DHL is my enemy too! They don’t have pick up point anywhere near my home and do not do home delivery because we are too rural for them, but apparently they can’t use the post pick up so they will just take my packet to randomly selected location that I have no way to figure out beforehand, and some of these locations are far away (40 mins roundtrip) and hard to get places (harsh snow conditions, up on mountains). So I am always ready to pay bit extra only to have another company do the shipping.

I am very happy that it turned out I didn’t dream the whole thing! Will love to buy some merch to show off :smiley: I would probably go with a bag, maybe a pin to add on my pin memories collection, or something post themed. If there is going to be postcards I wonder if those postcards will become…
A. the default one that raises both frustration and love
B. a rare collectible with aim to get them from each country (even if same picture)
C. just a postcards among the others.

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The postcrossing store is very cool, but in this regard, I would like to clarify whether the terms of use of the postcrossing logo will somehow change or everything will remain as before?

Nothing changes. The commercial use of the logo belongs to Postcrossing — allowed non-commercial uses are detailed in the guidelines.

We don’t have much control over which shipping company or courrier is used, I’m afraid. Our sample came via registered mail through our national postal service, but it could be different in different countries, according to the deals the printing service/warehouse has made to deliver stuff.

This is one of the things we insist on, and one of the things that is making the process slightly more complicated. We hate having a parcel stuck in customs, so as much as possible, we would like to avoid shipping products across continents.

We’re big fans of what Hank and John are doing! :heart_eyes: Sadly, I think we’re already a bit too big for DFTBA, and they’re US-based only. It makes sense for their audience, but it’s not the best solution for us.

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Are there any updates on this topic?


Not yet, I’m afraid… :frowning: This has been an intense year for Postcrossing and the shop has been on hold, as we don’t have the mental space to run a new thing right now.

We hope to get back to it after October though!


:star_struck:hope you open it soon, I would buy things like mugs or stickers