Postcrossing in Estonia


I have recently moved to Tallinn, and I am interested to know more what about what it’s like to participate in postcrossing here. I though it would be nice to share what I have experienced so far, and ask some questions of the experienced Estonian postcrossers.

  1. Postcards: I have managed to find a nice selection of postcards at various branches of the Eesti Kunstimuuseum, and also at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. Of course, there are many touristic places in the Old Town to purchase view cards. I have found most postcards cost between 1.00 - 1.50 EUR. Where are some other good places to purchase postcards in Tallinn, and in Estonia more broadly? Are there also good online shops in Estonia to buy postcards, or European shops with cheap shipping to Estonia?

  2. Stamps: I have bought stamps both at the post office (they had quite a good selection) and online directly from the Omniva eShop. Since May 2023, prices are 1.30 EUR for domestic and 2.60 EUR for international (this is surely one of the most expensive in Europe). I have found many nice designs, especially the recent train souvenir sheet and the 1.90 EUR Postcrossing stamp. I also found the 2024 Plan of Issue available online. What is everyone’s favourite stamp designs? Do you find yourself mostly using recent stamps, or a combination of the older lower value stamps?

  3. Postal delivery: It seems that (at least in Tallinn) mail is usually collected from postboxes at 9:00 Tuesday - Friday. However, I noticed on the Locations and Opening Times map that this will change in many places from 1 June to 8:00 Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Is it better to mail postcards directly at the post office on the other days? What days/times should one expect to receive post in Estonia?

  4. Cancellation: I have never done this before, but I was wondering if there are post offices in Tallinn that will let you postmark your postcards by hand? In particular, are what are the best places to buy stamps on their first day of issue, and get a first day postmark?

  5. Standing order: I noticed that Omniva offers a standing order service to receive all the postage stamps and philatelic products throughout the year. Does anyone subscribe to this and is it worth it? Do the new products usually arrive on the day of issue, or much later?

  6. Postcrossing meetups: I saw that there was a postcrossing meetup in Tartu in October 2023, and a meetup in Tallinn in April 2023. For those who attended, what was it like? Are there any Estonian meetups being planned for 2024?

I would love to hear any other advice or tips for postcrossing in Estonia. I’m looking forward to being active in this community, and getting to know other Estonian postcrossers too!


usually in Tallinn Toompea post office you can get first day cancellation. It can varia for example when Tartu stamps were released the first day cancellation was in Tartu

mostly bookstores or gift stores. There are more greeting cards in Estonia then Postcards.

Actually Sweden, Norway or Denmark have more expensive stamps. You can look the prices here

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Welcome to Estonia.
Walk through the Viru street 9 antique shop and say you are a postcrosser.
You get a gift and we can talk directly. :slight_smile:

  1. In addition to what you mentioned, in bookstores and also in other museums. For example, one with very cute illustrated postcards is the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre.
  2. There are indeed many lovely designs on the stamps. One of my favorites is definitely the Postcrossing stamp, but I have more than one favorite. I usually use multiple stamps.
  3. It is certainly better to take them directly to the post office on all days.
  4. It depends on how persuasive you are at the post office. In most places, you can still manage. You can definitely do it at the Toompea post office.
  5. With an Omniva subscription, the shipment will be mailed to you the day after the publication of the issue, so if you want to receive it on the same day, it’s still safer to walk to the post office yourself.
  6. So far, seven registered meetups have been organized in Estonia. No one has proposed organizing a meetup this year yet. By the way, there is a big event coming up at the Estonian National Museum in Tartu from 26.07 to 29.07, organized by Omniva. The Tartu Estonian Postcrossing cancellation stamp is also used at the post office in the Estonian National Museum.
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Thank you for the welcome to Estonia and the detailed information. I will be sure to visit the antique shop when I am next in the Old Town. I am excited to hear about the event in Tartu too; if I have time, I will try to visit.

I noticed today Omniva have released the design for the Children’s stamp – Three Jolly Fellows and FDC releasing on 1 June. I am quite fond of stamps with the postal theme. What do others think of the design?

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This character on the stamp was actually Estonia’s first unofficial Postcrosser :). Muhv loved sending postcards and letters, but since he didn’t have any friends, he sent post to himself. And when he travelled to a new place, first he went to the local post office and said: “Muhv, Poste Restante”. Every time I received many letters sent to himself. Of course, the main content of the book is different (the three of them become good friends and have many adventures). I love all three of them, but my particular favorite has always been Muhv.

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I wanted to share that today I had a really positive experience getting a first day cancellation at Kaubamaja Post Office. I bought the new stamps and the matching First Day Cover (FDC) envelope, sat in the post office to write a postcard to my friend, and the used the cancellation stamps which were on the bench for anyone to use (there were many other stamp-enthusiasts doing the same). I then handed the letter over to be posted. I would definitely recommend to any postcrosser who hasn’t tried it before :email:

I also visited the Estonian Museum of Architecture and purchased a lovely themed set of 12 postcards on the 1980 Olympic Regatta for 8 EUR. I hope to use them with the stamp releasing on 5 July for the Summer Olympic Games in Paris. Overall, there is a great selection of postcards at the museum, and some interesting exhibitions at the moment too!

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Omniva has released the design for the XXXIII Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 and FDC releasing tomorrow, Friday 5 July 2024. What do people think?

Another new stamp out today: My Stamp Kihnu and the corresponding FDC. To be honest, I find the stamp design kind of boring, but I love how big it is and the subtle texture too. Has anyone ever printed their own postage stamp through Omniva?

Hi this is Aditya from India, would anyone like to swap those beautiful first day covers with postcard or first day covers. Please do let me know.

On Saturday 20 July 2024, Omniva will release a new domestic stamp for Lighthouse - Rannapungerja lighthouse and a corresponding FDC. What do people think of the design? Has anyone actually visited this lighthouse before? p.s. according to the plan of issue, this should be the last stamp released until mid-September.

EDIT: There is also a beautiful maxicard available for this stamp. I have added a picture below.