✅ Postcrossing Forum app icon - smartphone

When I first downloaded the app I had a normal sized icon inside it’s square. Then that icon started to get minimised and I don’t know why… I wanted to know if it happened to someone else too or if it’s just my smartphone. As of today my postcrossing icon has vanished completely and I have now only a blank square. Any ideas?



There is an issue with the shortcut icon that is affecting Chrome users on Android and it is being looked into.


I don’t know if I have done something but my P-icon on my mobile keeps getting smaller and smaller. How is this possible?

That P used to be as big as it can on that white background. And now I am affraid to throw it away because I do not remember anymore how can I get it back on my screen.


I have not had any problems with reaction time or with anything else. Only that icon looks weird and seems like the P is disapearing :wink:

If someone now wants to add this so called app icon on home screen how it will be done? I remember we discussed about this at the demo state of this community.

I have the impression that the “P” is now again a bit smaller than it was yesterday. And it also came in my mind that it is slowly disappearing :dotted_line_face: :sweat_smile:


Same here 🫣

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if you open the forum with chrome ( or else) usually in the browser there is a three dot menue (hamburger menue) and one of the options should be “add to homescreen” (at least for andriod.)

Edit: I just tested it, so I delected the icon and the next time I opened the forum it asked me automatical if I wanted the forum app :smiley:


Thank you @Jarana. I did that and now big P is back :heart:


Yep, I did the same - now the big P is back which looks so much better! :grin:

:green_heart: :fox_face:

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Unfortunately I don’t get asked…

I logged out and in, deleted all cookies, restarted my smartphone etc. - nothing!
But I also don’t remember how to get the widget back otherwise :thinking:


Is there another possibility to get the app back? None of the 2 things worked for me :frowning:

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Now it worked - but I had to log-out from every single browser on my smartphone, not only Chrome. That’s strange…


You could try and download the discourse app directly and then connect to the postcrossing forum.

You can download it here for Android or here for iPhone

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Yes, now I have it again :heart_eyes: thanks


so i downloaded the app again as well and i got the big p back but i swear it’s getting smaller again?

As @anon12838227 mentioned, this seem to be a known issue with Chrome and is being worked on.

Until the fix arrives, for those who only using Chrome, removing the shortcut and adding it again seems to restore the icon original size, although it will shrink again over time. On mobile, a workaround is to install the Discourse app (available on Android and iOS) which shouldn’t have this problem.


Alright, so, word is that the bug has been fixed in Chrome. I’m not quite sure when changes will take effect, but I assume it will gradually reach everyone.

In any case, as I understand it, it will only fix the progressive shrinking/increasing, but not an already changed icon. So, once the icons stops changing size, for it to be back to its regular size, you will likely need to delete the icon/app and re-add it again for it to look normal.


Sorry for the stupid question, but… as I had the same problem (both icon size and response time), I just deleted my app - and now I don’t find where to download/install the app again! I can’t find it in the PlayStore nor via google or in the forum.

Could anyone give me a link or a description where to find the app again?

I can not locate the app either. I hope someone replies to your not-at-all "stupid question, cooksringroad.