Postcrossing feature on Hong Kong local news channel

Hi everyone! There was a local TV segment on Postcrossing in the news lately, and I thought I would share. I found it incredibly enthralling to watch and it was very informative and interesting. Please watch it if you’re interested!

Part 1
Part 2

You can watch it without a Facebook account. Enjoy!


Thanks for sharing this information :smile:

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Wow, incredible that that TV show interviewed Ana for 24 minutes!

That’s a mini film! Fabulous to hear all those stories. Great job Ana!

Thanks for sharing!


This is really cool, thanks for sharing! I’ll watch it now on my lunch break :plate_with_cutlery:


Great interview! And really informative as well. I am always talking about postcrossing to my friends and penpals, but I hadn’t thought my teacher friends could actually use it as a part of their lessons…Maybe I will mention it to them next time!


Hi @Kanerva, here’s 3 resources for teachers to pass on:

Here are the lesson plans for World Postcard Day including lesson plans in Finnish.

And here’s a great blog post about a teacher in Taiwan & the game he plays with his students - there are some written instructions in the 2nd link too.

And a teacher in Nebraska, USA came up with another way to use postcards with her students


Thank you for the those links!


Wow, what a great interview, thanks for sharing!

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