Postcrossing coincidences: What are the odds?

The most numbers I’ve had previously in a row has been 2, so getting 4 is so cool!!


They are actually more like 600 km apart.

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I received 2 cards today, both with typed text… what are the odds ? :smiley:

Received two awesome postcards from the US today, both from the same “Amtrak” series - didn’t even know there was such a series until today :scream_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

I wonder how they knew to send me railway postcards :thinking:


Those are from Christopher Arndt Postcards, he has a whole series of train postcards showing different trains from the USA. There are only 2 Amtrak postcards in the set and you received both of them!


I was going though my postcard collection, and this happened a while back, but
the small offical postcard was sent on the 16th January just before my birthday and the big one is a birthday card that my grandparents got for me, what are the odds that they
would both pick the same theme?


I have a different card with that same picture!

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5 people in a row from Germany got my address. I’m getting more annoyed as 60% of cards that I’m receiving are from Germany, USA and Russia. It’s sad PC is not so popular in other countries :frowning:

Well, I got 8 from Germany sent on 4Feb ;(

And what are the odds to get on your own birthday an address to a postcrosser (from USA), who seems to choose which postcards to register ? She has over 50 received postards less than sent. My second postcard with a new ID is about to expire … ;(

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I can top that - I had 12 sent from Germany on 12th March. :grinning:


And today a third from the same Christopher Arndt series!


I’ve just received two postcards in the same postal delivery:

  • Both from Germany…
  • Both sent on the same day….
  • Consecutive reference numbers….
  • Both from females with exactly the same first name!!! :astonished::laughing:

At first, I thought the same person had sent me two postcards! But it’s definitely two separate and different postcards!

Does @paulo build a sense of humour into the algorithm??!! :thinking::joy: