Postcrossing coincidences: What are the odds?

On 13th February last year I got two sequential cards from Finland both posted on 13th Feb and bother received on 14th March.

Similarly on 26th April last year I got two sequential cards from Taiwan posted and received by me on the same day.

And then on 26th April these set of 6 cards mailed from the US, all received on different dates, but each pair was in sequence.

1st pair

2nd pair

3rd pair


Today I received a card each from the US and Germany, both were sent on the same day.

After going through my list I was surprised to see that I have received these 12 cards all sent on the same day ie 13th Feb '23.

The above two reached on 3rd March

The above two reached on 9th March

The above three reached on 14th March

And the above two on 15th March

This last card reached 294 days later on 4th December '23. But the postmark was 22nd Oct '23.

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Today I received BY-3093271 & BY-3093274, which makes me wonder who received BY-3093272 & BY-3093273

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Today I draw an adress and was like: “Wait, I know this name!”.
Turned out: I made a forum swap with this member some time ago. XD
It’s funny, that we can meet people from big countries twice. It shows, how small the world can be :slight_smile:


A while ago, i received these, from US and TW, on the same day:

which I thought was really neat!


My first postcard to Lithuania was registered today.

And then a little while later, I received my first postcard from there as well.


This week I received postcards from two different postcrossers showing dinosaurs in the same museum, both sent from Redwater, Alberta, Canada; but the first one to arrive was sent 3 days later than the second! As the saying goes, “Great minds think alike”!


Today I received two cards from Czechia, both from Olomouc. That’s such a weird coincidence, Olomouc is not even that big.


And ID just 5 numbers apart!


A user registered a card of mine today. They also received the following AT-ID card today. AND: both we senders chose the same picture (because it was in their favourites-‘wishlist’)


Today I received this card:

When I scanned the card I saved the file under the ID (as I always do), and I noticed that in 2011 I received a card with the exact same ID, only the last digit was missig (obviously):

What are the odds, really? :smiley:


Amazing! I love this coincidence, like winning a lottery! If I was a Postcrossing developer, I would hardwire into the algorithm that you would be selected for one of the TW-3639486X right now :smile:


Haven’t gotten something cool like that… I am just wondering…

Has anyone ever drew each other? Like You drew profile X …and later on. profile X drew you?


No, this is not possible. You will never draw an address of someone who has sent an official postcard to you.


Why would that not be possible ?


The algorithm is in that way, that a double contact is excluded.


Aah…ok… thanks for explaining.
So for some who have send thousands … it could be that they will ever reach the point of sending everyone on the platform they could actually. Because the other half send them a card. Technically that could happen… i know it won’t because luckily more people are joining everyday… but technically…

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