Postcrossing coincidences: What are the odds?

You were destined to have this contact officially, the first card was just a prelude :smiley: :smiley:


Today I received in my mailbox 3 postards. To my surprise, they were all from Germany, but what even made it more surprising is they all 3 have consecutive IDs (and even more coincidence is that they all arrived at the same time haha).

I feel this is some unintended behaviour, as there is only 1 of my sent postcards (ES-776378) that got registered the same day the Postcrossers got my address assigned.

Just so you are able to verify:

  • DE-13870736
  • DE-13870737
  • DE-13870738

In any case I thought I’d post it here as I thought it could be something unusual, and maybe something broke.



I’ve seen this happen a few times. I think it happens when the Postcrossing algorithm can’t quite find a perfect match (i.e. someone who’s card has just arrived and who hasn’t swapped with that user before, etc.) when someone requests an address. So, as a next best option, the algorithm picks the address of someone who has a travelling postcard which is expected to arrive soon. In essence, the recipient is getting their next card a little bit in advance. That might be what happened here - three users in Germany all requested addresses at the same time, and you were picked as the recipient as you had cards predicted to arrive at their destination soon.

(This is also why sometimes you’ll see users with more received cards than sent cards)


I’ve recently received (all sent on the same day):

I was a little dissapointed to see US-10067111 went to someone else! :sweat_smile: but this was sent by the same person who sent my 110, so I guess they couldn’t send to me twice !!


This is the true spirit of Postcrossing! :sunglasses:

Amazing coincidences!!! I guess you deserve to have this lovely experience after your kindness! :blush:

A special “thank you” to all Postcrossers that help others. Stories like this keep me sending cards, no matter what!!! :slight_smile:


I received an official postcard yesterday from Germany of a Van Gogh painting.

@StephofYorktown received the same painting on a postcard yesterday that I had sent her for a tag representing National Spouses Day. I just thought that was a pretty neat coincidence!


How cool is that?! :smiley:


I love these coincidences! I was surprised that last week I received 2 postcards from Germany that were only 6 numbers apart. Makes me smile!


Yesterday, I returned home after a week away. On the journey, I drove up an A road, marked on British maps with a red or pink line, past the village of Hamstreet. Waiting for me at home was an envelope containing postcards from a forum giveaway. One of the stamps was a map showing that A road as it passes Hamstreet! Here’s a picture - the stamp on the right:


I received my second ever card today (1 official and 1 from here), and both are from the US and took exactly 12 days. What a coincidence!


I sent US-10060889 to a postcrosser in Germany.

On the same day that he received & registered it, I received DE-13774964 from him (but on a separate account). The profiles are identical. The official received dates are separated by a day, but that is due to time zones when registered.

What a coincidence that we received official cards from each other on the same day!


I drew the address of a user who favourited one of my sent cards!


I was looking through the gallery and saw this:

Same cards, but the other one sent from China and the other one sent from the USA :blush: Registered very close to each other, as they were on the same page.


I received these two today - both show Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, a place I have been and would love to return to.


Almost two years ago I received a postcard from someone in Germany. We became pen pals following my receipt of that card and to this day we still write to each other. I even received a postcard from him this afternoon.

About an hour or so after I checked the mail, I was pulling addresses to send some postcards and of the 800k people on postcrossing, I pulled my pen pal’s wife! I recognized the last name and the address and sure enough, it is the same as that of my pen pal!


I just received a hurray message that @alexina received a meetup card from myself and @fjordita. I thought that was neat. It really is a small world! What are the odds? :exploding_head:


I just drew two cards and the addresses were just 4km apart
Maybe they’ll get the cards on the same day?




Just two days back I received cards from Japan that were sent on 29th Jan and received on 19th Feb, with numbers just one apart.


I just received another message from @alexina. She received a 3rd meetup card from @kurea_s. :laughing::exploding_head: Our cards were 1 number apart. There were only about 20 of us there.


Last year on 21st August 4 Germans sent cards to me with sequential numbers. What are the chances that all four were to my address.