Postcrossers who only send the same postcards

Do people who send the same postcard over and over again really enjoy exchanging postcards? I feel it is a shame to send postcards to that person. What do you all think?


Not everyone has access to many different postcards in the local stores. And not everyone wants to shop postcards online.
Some care more about the message on the back than what’s on the front of the postcard, which can be another reason why they send the same postcards all the time.
And after all, the officials are sent to different persons, so I don’t see a problem with sending the same postcards again and again.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sending the same postcard. However, I have come across some of those profiles that always send the same card, but are very demanding about which cards they want and don’t want to receive. That I find a bit unfair.


Yes, that’s strange. I had this once and normally I try to find a card that fits to the preferences on the profile. But in this case I just sent a random viewcard from my city.


I try to have cards on different topics to choose the best one. But as for the view of my city, I was thinking about buying a lot of really beautiful identical cards, because there are very few beautiful cards of my region. This is for those who want to get a card with my city. When I send other less beautiful postcards, I feel worse


I make my own cards with images of nature and then have 20-30 of the same. I do have other cards, but they don’t always fit the profile. As a result, I sometimes send the same card several times in a row. Because it fits their profile and I have several of them. Many people like postcards of nature. Plants, animals, views, seasons.

I know that there are also people who really send -everyone- the same card for a really long time. There will be a reason. It also matters to me what is written on the back. Everyone the same card with only “Happy postcrossing” written on it, I think that’s a different story than everyone with the same card, but a serious and personal message and decoration (stickers, colors, etc.) on the back.

Perhaps they have little choice where they live or live far from postcard shops. Or maybe it’s a financial choice that they pay a lower price for large quantities. Or maybe they find it difficult to choose cards for people. Maybe the cards were ‘rescued’ from a 2nd hand store. We also have cards here in the 2nd hand store. But they are often dozens of the same. Maybe they got help from someone to buy postcards because they don’t have a car or aren’t mobile? Maybe they are not good at English, so they can’t read the profile well, but they like sending/receiving postcards? There can be so many reasons.


I think such people also enjoy the Postcrossing random encounters. I have seen an official sent wall of this Japanese person who has sent the same beautiful Mount Fuji card to many people. Her sent wall looked gorgeous! :slight_smile:

I have also seen the sent walls of people who have sent the same meetup cards to some people.

I just do not think it is wrong at all since the card goes to a different person each time. Also, there is no rule on Postcrossing that we cannot send the same card over and over again :slight_smile:


well, personally i would not enjoy sending out the same card all the time. i have a tiny addiction of buying new cards (and everything that comes with it, like washi), and there are sooo many amazing cards out there. i love trying to find a perfect card for someone and preferbly put my matching hedgehog sticker on my hedgehog card.

but to each their own, no? if i get a lovely card and later found out that card has already sent out 4784 times that doesn’t make it less lovely to me.
there are so many reasons people send out the same cards, some already mentioned. and honestly, some people just enjoy receiving cards more than sending. nothing wrong with that. i’m sure not everyone appreciates all my stickers and washitapes and coloured pens either.

so it’s absolutely not a shame to send a card to such person. they send out a card, they deserve a card back. why not?


I send out more than one copy of the same card sometimes. I do that when it fits the receipants wishes. I do not see any harm in this. However, I would feel a bit weird myself if I would send out the same one card to everyone.


I don’t really care if someone sends the same few cards over and over on official Postcrossing but I do mind it when someone does the same on wishlist-based RRs

Editing to say that I totally agree with the sentiment that the back of the card is just as important as the front, that’s why I always send out fully written cards on top of matching people’s wishlists. Depending on how big the card is, I spend 5 to 40 minutes per card. That’s why I can’t help but feel disappointed when I receive a generic card that only says “Happy Postcrossing”, “Have a great day”, or “Hope you like this card”, especially since I have a list of guide questions on my profile.


Some people may not have easy access to a wide variety of postcards. Besides, the joy of exchanging postcards doesn’t necessarily come from the design - for many, it comes from connecting with others and reading the messages on the back of each card. I’m sure they like exchanging postcards. They just like different things about it than other people.

Personally, I wouldn’t enjoy sending the same card to everyone, but I see no harm in others doing so. I think it would be in poor taste if those individuals have a long list of postcard preferences but don’t seek to meet anyone else’s, and they shouldn’t participate in tags and RRs that don’t suit what they can send, but that’s a different story.


I had this “discussion” last month :sweat_smile: But only because I say it wrong myself. I have no problem to get a card a person sent several times to others. Normaly everybody gets the card only one time from this person. And there is a reason why this person only had this one card. But I recognized, that some of these postctossers only wrote “Happy postcrossing” or “best wishes” or nothing on these card and that is what makes me uncomfortable. Also if they have a (long) wishlist what to sent or what not to sent.


Personally, I look at 1 page of sent and 1 page of received cards of everyone I send an official card to or get an official card from.

And I find it depressing, if the person sends out the same card to everyone.

I know one can send any card and does not have to meet the person’s wishes, that the card is sent to. But it is nicer, if s/he does. And the same card can not fit all profiles, even if many Postcrossers say they are okay with any card. Some do have their preferences.

And, yes, I understand in some places it can be tricky to find a variety of cards and I wouldn’t order cards online myself (unless someone I know orders and I order with her/him and we share expenses. But that rarely happens.), but I’ve seen such profiles from big cities, where, I assume, a variety of cards could be bought.

I hadn’t thought that such a Postcrosser might have “saved” a whole bunch of the exact-same cards. That is, of course, worthy!

Still, I find it depressing! :unamused:


I personally have a rule: I never sent the same postcard to two postcrossers, as I want it to really match with their personality. Sometimes, it is really tempting just to break that rule, but so far, I haven’t :blush:
But as written above, those who always send the same postcards have probably their own reasons, and I believe that the text written on it is more important! Two postcards may have the same picture, but with different stamps and a different text, they are different!


I got once a postcard from a postcrossers who was sending the same postcard to everyone. Their message to me was very generic, like Greetings from x and nothing more. It was neither thoughtfully decorated nor full of many carefully chosen stamps.

It would have been OK for me, if this person hadn’t made a long, long wishlist with many very complicated wishes.:grimacing: (I checked their profile afterwards.)
Like - seriously? You put just the bare minimum effort and at the same time you expect people to send you Tausendschön, dancing couples, rockets, medieval art with women, full moon, tattooed people and some quite expensive series? (I don’t remember the exact wishes, just wanted to give you the feeling.)

And in this case I don’t get the argument that maybe it was all this person could get in their area. If you really want to receive miscellaneous cards, buy at least 2-3 sets of various postcards on-line with most typical motifs. It’s not crazy expensive and you wouldn’t leave such bad impression.


I have received some of those, usually a disappointing card…yet their profile says they want to get a nice variety.


I don’t think just sending one design of card is a problem. The message will still be unique and the card will still be addressed to you.

What I do think is a problem is the people who send the same card to everyone including the same pre printed message on the back of every card. That’s just mass production and a cheap and greedy way to receive nice cards in return for low effort ones.


I do repeat sending my cards, they’re usually views of my place that I photographed.

However, every back is unique to the recipient.



I do send the same card quite often as I have many multiples of quite a few cards since my stock mostly came from buying out various store inventories. However, everyone gets a unique and handwritten message on the back and I try to use interesting stamps as well.


I agree with @Molltje, I think it’s fine to send the same card & there are lots of reasons why someone may choose to do so.

We tend to assume everyone has access to many cards or has the ability to get a variety of cards including assuming they have a credit card to do so (you can’t buy cards online without one for example) and many Postcrossers do not.

Remember there are many, many ways people choose to participate in Postcrossing and that’s part of the fun. Their way of participating may not be yours but I wouldn’t make assumptions about them or judge them for their way of participating.