Postcrossers who only send the same postcards

This is exactly my point of view and my case. I don’t have many options even in online shopping. So I have very few options. But I always look at the profile and try to send something in the preferences when I have it.


Do YOU really enjoy Postcrossing, if you make your mind up on others behaviour in this negative way?


In Chinese there is a line 一千个人眼中有一千个哈姆雷特 (There are 1000 Hamlets in 1000 people’s eyes)

Similarly, there are many Postcrossers and thus many ways of doing Postcrossing. Everyone has different circumstances and hence we pick whichever way is best for us.
To you it might be different cards every time you send, to someone else it might be the same few cards. All are equally valid.


I have an issue of varying my wall a bit, so I’ll repeat cards perhaps every few months. Unfortunately, I cannot control the order they’re received.

I’ve checked the sender’s wall when I’ve suspected they might be sending ‘less attractive’ cards on purpose. But, that doesn’t happen often, and it’s been after the fact. I’ve yet to ever check their sent cards before sending one to them.

Maybe they just didn’t find anything to write to you?
They can write more to others, right? Or that’s all they learnt to write?
Decorations and stamps some like, some don’t.

Maybe they don’t order things online? Here are also young people. Perhaps they got permission to buy local cards. Can be they thought this is what is exchanged here, and learned more later.
Of course they can wish other cards, no one needs to send these, but they can send “equivalent” if they feel it’s not fair to send their wish. For some persons for example Tauusendschön is easier to buy than a local card :slight_smile:


I really don’t care if someone sends out the same postcard over and over again. I would receive that postcard from that person only one time. I also never check the sender’s wall of sent postcard - it’s simply not my cup of tea.
And I don’t care if someone may send “less attractive postcards” (btw. what ARE “less attractive postcards”? - isn’t it always in the eye of the beholder?).


I get free cards from my local Farmer’s Market and tend to send them often! It’s hard to find Louisiana-based postcards near me, so when people ask for specific states, that’s what I send. : ) I think it’s fun to see what people choose to send, and why they sent it, but more importantly - what did they write for me on it?


Sending out the same card to different people? Why not, if it’s something meaningful to the sender or maybe a unique view of their home town.


I’m normal not looking how often the sender has sent the card.

I buy my cards to send more than 1, so sometimes it happen, that the same card is in the row.


Hasn’t this topic been discussed already now and then?
At the beginning I wanted to send out each card only once, but for various reasons I changed that attitude, partly because I have some cards more than once and partly because now and then same card fitted best to more than one profile.
I do check out each senders profile, that’s because then I have a better feeling for the person who send me a card. To me, it’s part of the random connection through postcrossing. (And no I don’t flick through all the walls, only if I assume there are some cards for my favs to be expected.)
If I come across someone sending out the same card my reaction/emotion usually depends on whether I would like that card or not. And what is the balance between profile (wishes) and sending.
If it is some card many people send, I think it’s not so nice, like WPD or so, because then probably many people do receive the same card again and again, through different people.


I doubt so, I have a gut feeling that they weren’t writing long messages to others…

My point was mostly that I find it rather unfair to expect a lot if you do a bare minimum. I mentioned stamps and stickers because some people don’t write long messages and don’t send many types of cards, but you see that cared and decorated back somehow. For me it definitely counts as some effort.

If you’re sending the same postcard to everyone with most probably the same text, it would be way nicer to write Every postcard welcome excluding ad cards, I’m curious what you will choose for me, I like animals and nature (and some other easy wishes) or Surprise me instead of putting a long list full of very specific expectations in demanding tone. This would leave also a space for people for whom buying Tausendschön is easier; but my point wasn’t about Tausendschön.


I know the one type of card was not your point. :hugs: Part of my point was, that the wish list can be helpful for many, even if wish list keeper sends only one type of card, and even when wish list is spesific. For me it would be. Because for some reason, if the person only sends like a viewcard of a city, I think they like this type too, and feel little sad, because I rarely have it. But it they like Moomin, that’s easy, and I feel good sending this. But if they write send anything you like…I wouldn’t know they like the Moomin especially.

But the decorations…some can see that in the way, that they don’t put any thought, but slap some stickers :slight_smile: It’s all just assumptions.

Maybe they had an empty profile, and someone complained and told they should have wish list :grin:

But I get you still :+1:

Sometimes I think people just make not so nice assumptions of the person and their Postcrossing, based on mainly one card they got (and the profile).

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Buying multiple copies of a card (lets say 5 of the US flag for example) and sending them to people who list that interest is not a concern, but sending hundreds and hundreds of the exact same card to absolutely everyone, while still having a varied wish list, is inconsiderate.

Members who have limited access to cards: just send me a message and I will happily send you some! I often send cards to new members to help them get started (plus it helps me clean out the stock I have accumulated during my 10+ years here). Since I live in the US I can buy off the internet if you are not able to…


You are so kind! I can only ever find cards in larger cities or if I buy a set on Etsy. But college is expensive, haha, and I usually get free ones from lotteries and cheap ones from antique stores when I get the chance! I wish USPS sold postcards in store

I think so too, and tried to look but maybe it’s inside some other thread.

That’s nice, but think it’s a teenager and not allowed to come to forum or give their address to strangers. Or person who sends hundreds of cards in a year. Someone would complain them sending cards maybe not from their country :laughing:

In one of the similar threads, someone wrote, that maybe they like to treat each member similarly.
I like that. I would find it boring (to send the same card with same message, assumedly or in reality), but I can think at once persons who could think this way.

They are sending the card, wish list is allowed, nothing wrong there. Some says it’s demanding, but we don’t know without seeing the profile. And demanding is not right even if they sent each their card different.

It’s up to each of us how we let a same-card-sender affect ourselves and what attributes we give to this persons.

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There was a thread talking about this in 2021 and one member wrote in there that one of the reason someone send the same postcards again and again is they could be lazy. I agree with that member and someone called me closed minded :rofl:

There was many flagged comments on that thread and one of my comment was deleted by admin.

I know the link to the old thread but it was closed by @Bille. I don’t think this thread can be merged with the old thread.


I kind of like that people know how to kick back and not take everything as a serious, effort demanding task :laughing: It’s good if someone finds this is a place where they can throw the high expectations in the bin, and be “lazy”. Even when someone tries to tell how they should do this :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m the lazy one too. For me there is no “effort”, it’s just brain relaxation.

(Of course, the same-card-sender maybe never knows how this habit is looked or thought? They don’t necessarily read the forum.)


Oh neither do I except for the one time I got an ugly postcard with only Happy postcrossing on it. I can’t remember if it was even handwritten, it may have been just printed. It was clearly a case of a conveyor belt approach to postcrossing. So I was curious and checked this person’s profile. Sure enough they sent the same card to everyone and surprisingly were super picky and demanding about the cards sent to them. Maybe it was the same user @holeanta :smile:

I don’t think we need to bend over backwards to find an excuse for this approach. Even in postcrossing there are people who simply don’t care about others. That’s life :smile: It is annoying but luckily it is just a very, very tiny minority.


Now I read the older thread too, and it was funny to see I now partly think like then, partly don’t. (But at once I remember what my experiences then was, there was an same ad card sender who requested a card back, and after my Hurray this person sent a separate message with directions of what they collect and again their address to send the card :rofl: I asked what they send to me, and they were “I sent you a good quality card, everyone else has sent me a card back …” I didn’t send anything. That was demanding, yes. Everything was glued, and nothing personal there. It was my address, their address and what they collect.

Well, that is also nothing wrong, except the “everyone else sent a card”. I doubt that.
Maybe that was the same person again :rofl: I’m happy I had forgotten that, and hoping others with disappointed card also will :hugs:


I once got a card from someone who was sending the same postcards over a longer time BUT the backside was fully written with a very small handwriting. I’m sure he’d enjoyed exchanging postcards!