Postcrosser User names

A comment I read on another forum post got me to wondering. Do you like for the cards you receive to have the Postcrosser User’s name on it? Do you put your User
name on the cards you send?I get very few with the user name but when I do I always go read it before I register the card, just for fun. Some times I put mine on sent cards and sometimes not it depends on how much room is have left. I have a rubber stamp and small labels.


I usually put my username next to my signature. That way I hope it will be easier for the team to locate the ID in case it is not readable on the card for some reason.


i never put my username on my cards. i want people to react to my card and what i wrote on that card, not what’s on my profile.
so if someone writes their username on their card i don’t look it up either, for the same reason.


I always add it & I ask on my profile that people do when they send me a card.

I like to write a more meaningful thank you note by reading their profile first and often it’s hard to read people’s handwriting so it’s another way to check their name or track the card ID down if I can’t read it clearly or it gets left off.


My username is the ONLY name I use on Postcrossing. Sometimes I just put “Morgan”, sometimes I put the full “Morgan Besoe”, but I don’t use any other names on the site.

When a handwriting is known to be hardly readable I’d put a username on it.
Other than that I’ll put my username on some cards which I expect to travel very long.
Sometimes even full postcrossing profile links.

It would be great to have one in case of unreadable ID. Or at least multiple places giving information which makes finding the ID faster for postcrossing. Like the exact time the ID was generated or the city it comes from if not mentioned in the text.

I never put my username, just my name. It’s easier than my username anyways. Also people will know my username after registering the card, if they wish to know.


Same here! I’d like to get a reply on my card, not on my profile.


Nope, I would like the recipient to receive and read the card for what it is, and not based on my profile.

The only time I write my Postcrossing username is if I’m doing a forum activity like Tags or Round Robins, or if I’m sending a postcard on Postcrossing official to someone whom I previously had interactions with via the forum.


Same as the post above (the forum won’t let me quote the whole of the last post, even if it is what I want to quote!). Usernames out of the online context look a bit silly to me…
Though I know they are important in Tags etc. so of course I will add it then, but I will still sign with my name. (e.g. in a Tag or RR, I’ll write date, name of the Tag or RR, from: elikoa, and then proceed to write and sign like anything else). But for officials I don’t see the need for that, I like to be surprised by the profile after reading the card (you can always send a second message if you want to) and I like people to receive the physical card from my real-life self, which is of course connected with the online-self but not until you register the card :slight_smile:

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I only put my username on cards when I do tags, rr’s, anything related to the forum. I sign with my real name on official Postcrossing cards.

I always write my username on the cards I send. I never really thought about it being used for anything except a means to contact me if I forgot to write the ID or if it was illegible. When I get cards with usernames, I don’t usually read their profiles first. (I can’t remember if I ever have, but there have probably been cases when I did.)

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Just like most of the people I do not write my username on official postcards with two exceptions.

When people ask in their profile to write down my username or when I get to write an official card to another forum member. In that case I mention that and put down my username so people know who I am.


I have only written my username on postcards for tags or other related swaps where having it is useful for tracking and the recipient already knows they’re getting something from me. Otherwise, I don’t. I want the postcard to be a pleasant surprise and not an exercise in Googling.

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When I send a ‘normal’ postcrossing postcard with ID-number, I just use my first name, not my username. When I receive a postcrossing postcard I always hope I’m able to read the name of the sender, because I like to thank people by name when registering. After registering I take a sneak peak at the profile of the sender, just to learn something more about the sender.
When I send a card to someone because of something on the forum, for example a card swipe, I use my first name / username or just my username.

I put both my name and username on the card.
Though I think I have a readable handwriting, it can be useful.

As @saintursula said “I never really thought about it being used for anything except a means to contact me if I forgot to write the ID”

And even if one or two would do so - what’s the problem?

Sometimes I think people shouldn’t think too much about “what if…”

If someone really wants to make his answer depending on the profile or the person of the sender, then he will find a way to find it out before registering :wink:

Almost 8 years of Postcrossing and apart from standard mails we all get from time to time I never received a hurray mail which was related to my profile and not to my card 🤷🏻


I’ve got a little ink stamp with my username on. Sometimes I add it if I’ve got space.

I find it really weird when people address me by my username on the card. They have my address, can’t they see my name at the top of it?

I hope you weren’t inferring that I was concerned about … anything, really. I just never thought about why anyone would care to look me up before registering the card. But if they feel like it, great.

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No, I’m not. I totally agree with your statement and that’s why I pointed it out :blush:

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I usually put a hand-drawn “stamp” with my username on my cards:


Not much of a philosophy behind it - but if, at a later point, I should want to arrange a direct swap with the same postcrosser, it might come in handy if she or he recognizes me :slight_smile: