Postcards of Battlefields, Massacres and Cemetaries

Hi All,

I recently purchased some postcards for historic sites in the US. The cards are of battlefields, massacre sites and cemeteries. They are all National Parks, Monuments or on National or State historic registers, so they do represent key (though sometimes awful) parts of our history. They’re not sensationalistic, gory or gross in any way. As a history buff, I wouldn’t blink an eye at receiving such a card so I didn’t think twice about buying them.

Now, however, I’m starting to second guess whether others would appreciate them as much as I would. I’m wondering if I should reserve them for RRs, Swaps and Lotteries where people can opt in to receiving them. What do you all think?



Especially cemeteries are not a rare wish on official Postcrossing. Quite a few collect these :blush:


There are plenty of people interested in (war) history, so I wouldn’t worry. Just send them to people who mentions such things. I, for instance, wouldn’t be offended by them in any way, I’m just not that interested and would probably find them boring.


These topics, and history themes in general, show up in wish lists


2 of my friends (also Postcrossers) and I think there are way too few cemetaries, where one can get postcards, if any! And we would all be very interested in such cards. :headstone:

I even, many years ago, had one printed from my own photo!


Considering that some people send total trash, postcards of this type are really superb. Many international members would welcome such cards detailing the military history of that particular country. Of course, if you see in a profile you see a dislike of things relating to war, in that case, you send something else.


I wouldn’t be offended by receiving such cards as they represent history. Actually I collect cemetery cards, but I don’t receive them often. They are hard to find maybe or people are hesitant to send them


I like this!

In my time here at postcrossing, I have realized, there is nothing odd.
In my popular postcard a skeleton is on rank 17.

My opinion is, I like serious ones, but also cozy ones. It should be like life, with all its ups and downs.


I would love to receive one as one of my wishes is “history”. I wouldn’t worry too much if like you said they aren’t gory and if the person expresses interest in history topics.


@Robin67 One of the consequences of modern postcard publishing is that certain subjects like Cemeteries are difficult to find. Unless, it is a famous one like Arlington National Cemetery here in the US. May 60 or more years ago, you could find a wider variety of subjects on postcards. But that isn’t the case these days.


@cliffside Sad, but true, that in some places the choice of viewcards is becoming smaller and smaller, as opposed to “in my youth”. :unamused:

A total loss of culture. :roll_eyes:


Those cards will be much appreciated at the Cemetery tag, military tag, and also by users that ask for those themes. And that gave me the idea of a Historical tag, I don’t know if we have it already but I think it would be interesting

I found this one

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I would love cards on such subjects, and basically say as much in my profile. Battlefield and massacre sites are sad, but in a good way - somber and thought-provoking.

I wouldn’t so much like cards that seemed to glorify battle, but even so, they are merely “not my taste” I wouldn’t be shocked or offended to receive such a card or anything.

Cemeteries are not even somber to me. I think most are beautiful, not just for the gravestones but also for the old trees and heirloom flowers that can often be found in them.


If I wanted NOT to send any postcards of “battlefields and masssacre sites” I wouldn’t be able to send any cards of my home town, Warsaw :wink:
Those cards sound definitely OK to me!


Given the worldfamous skills of Poland’s craftspersons in rebuilding/restauration I am sure the terrible wounds of the past aren’t visible anymore at first postcard-sight.

(If the damages of the past count, then we won’t have many non-battlefield-cities left in Europe (the World). (Of course I know that the courses of (recent) history have hit some cities/countries much harder than other lucky ones)).

So sad that we will need lots of these rebuilding-skills very soon, just because of one piteous man, his killers and his fans


Thank you everyone for your thoughts on this! I really appreciate it.


I have a question.

For example, there are people in USA who collect UNESCO site cards.

I have cards of so-called A-Bomb Dome or Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, Japan, which is a UNESCO site.

Would the UNESCO site card collectors in USA really appreciate this Atomic Bomb Dome card sent from Japan ??

My guess is some would accept it, some others would not accept it, even though it is a UNESCO site.

What do you all think about this ?

Thank you.

I don’t think I would be offended. I have visited many WW2 cemeteries and they are beautiful. Very humbling. British cemeteries are the stereotypical “spooky” ones (and so interesting to stroll around BTW!) I think it is just a matter of matching the scene to the recipient. And, of course, the written message is so important.


Years back I mailed out Auschwitz, a Unesco site, postcards on seize A5. But not all users who had Unesco in the userprofile where happy.
The series included all possible nontouristic pictures. Not happiness but heavy history.
I had uploaded the images and later took them down when deleting images by sender was implemented. Some are reuploaded by receiver.

Allthough good quality b/w and sepia postcards I would maybe not sent those out again.
But if someone feels the urge to do so let it be.

My uncle is buried at Arlington so I visit when I’m at the Smithsonian in Washington doing my research. I usually have a card from there to send plus I pick up other historic cemetery or battle cards when I travel to our Natl Parks/Monuments

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