Postcards I Sent in Forum

Hello everyone! This post is for me to show postcards I sent in forum, mostly in Tags.

Because I’m a newbie to postcrossing, I have too much energy to send postcards all around the world, so the 5 official postcards I can send are not enough for me. Then I joined the forum, found Game and Activities
And begin tagging people :star_struck:!

But these postcards I sent can’t be shown in my wall, so I decide to show them there.

:warning: If you were tagged by me and haven’t received my postcards yet, you may not want to see pictures below to ruin your surprise.

Anyway, here are postcards I’ve sent in different tags:
(not sure all of them can arrive at destination successfully)

(updated below)

I add a plastic bag (a used but clean one, not new) out of my handmade postcard to prevent it from damage, hope it can work.

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You might want to post photos of your received tag cards in this thread:

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Thank you for suggestions!


Please no plastic wrappers!
There’s enough plastic waste in the world already :frowning:
Also it really doesn’t seem necessary: None of my selfmade cards was ever damaged in the mail. Just make sure you use good quality glue :slight_smile:

Thank you for suggestions. But the plastic bag is an used but clean one, not new, I think it won’t cause much pollution…


Sometimes wrappers are necessary to protect certain cards, especially if they’re dimensional or going to a very rainy place. :wink: @Morpheus is being mindful of the environment by re-using them, and there is no need to criticize her choice.


Aren’t you by any chance “criticizing MY choice” here??? :wink:

Not at all; I simply stated that @Morpheus has already addressed the issue of plastic waste and is reducing it accordingly.

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Here are handmade postcards I’ve sent in forum:

I also have some for swap :point_right:[Offer] Handmade Cards for Swap


The little mouse!! :heartbeat::sob:

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Why can’t I edit my post more times? That’s weird. So I won’t update this post again, sorry for that. But I’ll keep sending postcards, of course.

I just threw in the mailbox these Washington state postcards that my mom wrote to our family back home in Germany. Graham Washington state, USA :us:

I know why can’t I keep editing my post! It’s because my Trust Level is not high enough. My TL is only 1 basic for now, but I have a illusion that I have joined the forum for a long time :rofl:

Anyway, I’m not updating this topic because I always forget to do so. But I have a private electronic photo album about all postcards I ever sent in postcrossing. It’s just a pity that I can’t share it with everyone, considering that pictures in the album are two sides of postcards. The address on it can’t be exposed to public.╮(﹀_﹀)╭

You can always share the pictures of the cards in this thread. :blush:

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Thank you very much!!! Why I didn’t notice this topic before? Already bookmarked it :ok_hand:. :kissing_heart:

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