Postcards from the North Pole?

I recently learnt of the Antarctica Christmas postcards which got me thinking is there an option for similar charity postcards somewhere near the “North Pole” for Christmas? I couldn’t find searching so I thought I’d ask. Thank you x


The only thing that comes to mind is letters from Santa? maybe in Finland :finland: ?


The recent newsletter from UKAHT (link below) talks about the northernmost post office.

“Last season, we worked with Gerhard again to send a postcard from the world’s southernmost post office at Port Lockroy to the world’s northernmost post office at Ny-Ålesund, a small town in Svalbard, Norway, located well above the Arctic Circle. The journey from 64º49’S to 78°56′N took just over two months and by the time the postcard arrived in Ny-Ålesund, it had travelled 16,698km (10,376 miles) from one end of the earth to the other.”

Another blog referenced someone’s trip to Ny-Ålesund notes this:

“We continued to the world’s northernmost post office, a fading cyan building straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. This post office is no longer active, so those hoping to send a postcard must take a short trip to the nearby shop and use the postbox there.”



Yes, Finland has a campaign to get letters out from Santa Claus at Christmas; can one of our Finnish friends provide the details?
Canada Post has a similar campaign, that you can learn about here.
Santa Claus will write to ANYONE, any age, ANYWHERE in the world.
Be sure to get your letter to :santa: by the end of November so he has time during the busiest time of his year to write back to you.
He has the most adorable postal code [hohoho]:

Santa Claus
North Pole, H0H 0H0

Happy :writing_hand: !


Maybe this? :santa:


What a journey! :email: :postbox: :airplane: :heart: thank you for sharing!

I just ordered a letter for next Christmas, thanks for the address!

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Just asked for a letter for which I will probably forget and then be shocked when it turns up at Christmas time. Haha

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USPS has a service like that where kids can send mail:

And then there is the whole thing from the adult perspective: