Postcards from and to own country?

I feel the same!

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I have it activated, for my country Germany has many different and beautiful places and I love to get cards of them as well as I like to show my place to them.


In the beginning, I had this option deactivated, as I already had lots of postcards from Poland and first of all hoped for cards from further afield…
Later I realized my Polish collection was far from complete, so I activated the option to receive cards from here, too. But even though Poland still used to be among the top ten postcrossing countries, this almost didn’t make any difference. Occasionally I do receive cards from Poland or draw a Polish address, but it happens exteremly rarely.

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I have the option deactivated because I enjoy writing cards in English (or other languages) and prefer it a lot to simply writing cards in my mother tongue. I like the international aspect of Postcrossing because I find other countries much more interesting than the one I am from! :wink:

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I have never got any card from my own country, even the #1 user on sent postcards from here, but I completelly understand the reason, would be great to receive cards from other places from my country that I don’t know, postcards would arrive faster and I could send more cards :slight_smile:

I have it on, although it makes no difference, since there are only 600 postcrossers based in Greece and only 100 of them are active at the moment. :cry: I also have the “repeated countries” activated, so it’s even more unlikely to draw an address from Greece.

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America is such a large country, I thought it would be fun to send/receive cards from my own country. I like it very much. Also it’s fun to be able to send cards and reduce the travel time


I have it on. At the moment I have over 200 cards sent (not that many, I know) and only last week did I draw my first Belgian address. I haven’t received a single one though.

I love receiving postcards from the United States! The US is fairly large and there’s no way I can travel to all of the amazing places here, so I love receiving postcards from all over the country. It also gives me ideas of places to visit that I might not have otherwise known about. (There’s a state park in New Mexico that I only learned about because I received a postcard and now I’m planning a trip there!)


I didn’t at the beginning but then I put it on and never took it off. It doesn’t make a lot of difference unless you’re in Germany/USA/Russia. I lived in the UK then and only sent/received from there 2-3 times (and except once, I was in travel mode when I got UK!).
It’s still on but I imagine it’s not possible to get the same country in a country as small as Singapore :thinking:

I have it on. Canada is huge and vastly different across the country. It’s also fun because a lot of times there is a connection to the place you are sending it to or receiving from. It’s neat to hear from people who may have visited your city or have a connection to it somehow.


I have it on. The USA is pretty big, so it’s still a lot of variety. Also, it stretches my stamp budget just a bit, to send some domestic rate rather than all international :wink:


I send to my own country, Germany and I send to repeated countries. So most of my cards go to Germany.

However with this option activated I still receive from everywhere else as this has nothing to do with where I send to. So for me it’s perfekt. I receive cards from Germany and I like the views we have in this country

I switch. Sometimes I send to my own country. There are so many beautiful places in Germany which I did not visit up to now. Sometimes I’m in mood to see more beautiful things from abroad. So I switch it on and off every few months.

I have this option on since the beginning.
If I remember well, I’ve received only 8 official postcards from Spain in almost 10 years.
Not bad, in my opinion.

In the beginning, I have this option deactivated, since I’m part of some Brazilian postcrossers groups on Facebook, so it’s easier to get postcards from Brazil through direct swaps. Now i have it on, but haven’t received or sent any card to my own country yet. At least 75% of the addresses I draw are in Germany, and I receive a lot of cards from there too.

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Wie findest du denn über die Postkarten Brieffreunde?

Some mention on their profile that they’re also interested in pen-palling.
Found four really nice pen pals over the years, from Germany but also from other countries. :slight_smile:

(beyond that I also asked for pen pals in the old forum last year)


I turned it off after one I sent to USA took 88 days & one I received from USA was a card of Berlin Germany. I’d rather get a Berlin card directly from Germany.

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Same for me:
I love postcards from my own country, because it’s quicker and I can write in German, which as my correspondence is to 80% with people from other countries, I cannot do very often.
And we have so many great cards here.