Postcards from and to own country?

do you send or receive postcards from your own country? or have you deactivated this function?

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I used to have this option activated because this way you can increase your max number of travelling cards much faster but I received much more postcards from my own country than from others. It’s also more exciting to receive postcards from other parts in the world. So yes, I have deactivated this function

I’ve always had this function activated. Germany has an awesome and huge variety of cards, and I enjoy reading and writing in my mother tongue for a change.


I want to be able to receive postcards from everywhere so I have it activated.


I’ve had this option for more than a year. In that time, I’ve never sent a postcard to my own country (UK), and have received only one.

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I’ve activated this function from the beginning and would never change.
There are so many beautiful cards from Germany and I also find some really good pen pals just through an official card.


I don’t send postcards to my own Country. I joined Postcrossing because I love to travel and learn about other Countries. I have deactivated that function.


I’ve already registered for some domestic sites whose functions are similar to postcrossing but all members live in my own country, so I don’t activate the option here.

I had it activated until a few days ago…
Germany has great cards, and I received many awesome ones.
I was sending about 30% within Germany, which was ok for me, but I received more than 50% from within Germany.
So with a 114 total received, out of which 59 from Germany (the only other 2-digit number was 12 from the USA), I wanted to try to deactivate for 60 days… Then I might return…

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I have this option activated, but since Belgium is not an active country and I have the “repeated countries” option also activated, I very rarely send or receive within Belgium.

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I tried it for a while in the US but I didn’t like the postcards I received, or rather the messages written on them.

I have it activated now but I would be very surprised if I actually receive a card from another postcrosser in Turkey.

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I have it deactivated and I prefer it that way. I don’t really want to give my address to random people in my country :sweat_smile:


The United States are so large and diverse - I have this option activated.


I have it activated but in the six/seven months I’ve been a Postcrosser I haven’t sent or received one from within the UK yet! Closest one was Ireland.

There’s loads of places in the UK I have never been, or that I have and I love so would very happy to send and receive postcards within my country.


I activated this option in February. So far I haven’t received any cards from Finland and I have sent only two cards to other Finnish members.

I have it on, but don’t actually wind up sending or getting from the US too often, it seems like.

I have it activated but consider to deactivate for 60 days now. I get really many cards from Germany, even more than I send. Not sure yet.

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No…never. I buy thousands of Unwritten US cards; so i have no need to receive Written ones.

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Yes, I have always been open to receive cards from my own country. If I take out 30 official addresses, there could be one to Finland. Sometimes none. I have acivated also the option of repeated countries - and that means tens of addresses to Germany, Russia and USA.

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I activated this option last year because of pandemic. I sent 3 and received 5 within my own country.
This year I haven’t sent and received any cards from my own country.