Postcards from Africa by donation/fee that benefit community projects

There is a Facebook page run by Alena Machalkova called Postcards from Africa & other rare countries.

She offers a variety of country cards (it depends on availability) & most cost €8. Please remember costs are higher for cards & stamps in many countries & some of the price goes to community projects or groups.

From her FB page:
" They are for sale, the profit will be used to support various projects and NGOs in Africa. One of the main benefiting organization (not always) is Bookfeeding Project (East Africa, Zimbabwe) or Save []. But there are also individual beneficiaries."

Please read the pages Group Rules & be prepared to be patient as cards can take several months to arrive. And remember these cards benefit community projects & the cards are organized & sent by volunteers - it’s not a store.

I’ve received lovely cards from this page from: Burundi, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Zambia & Turkmenistan so far. And she offers other countries as well.

You have to join the FB group to have access.


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