Postcards exchange

Hi I’m just starting to learn how to post. I would like to exchange postcards or Christmas cards with anyone from USA only. How can I do that in my profile so I can get only usa addresses. If you interested also leave your address and we can exchange.


I don’t know of a way to get only US addresses. But I am interested in exchanging postcards or Christmas cards. I will DM you my address.


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Just so you know Vidaline, people need to send you a private message on here with their addresses. Postcrossing rules require that addresses are shared privately for safety & privacy reasons.

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@Un4getable4ever75 if you go to settings you can select only to exchange postcards within your own country.

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No, that’s not right. You can choose to include your own country, or exclude it from your Postcrossing activities - meaning: neather send nor recieve cards to or from the USA - but this option will still include all other countries.

It’s not possible to do Postcrossing only with your own country.

If you only want to exchange cards with one country, you have to use forum activities, like swaps and Round Robins.

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Ah thank you for explaining it to me @Cassisia . I just started. This is great information.


I suggest you try the US to US tags or Round Robins on the forum. Here’s a good place to start:

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