Postcards exchange with Japanese students

Hello! I’m an English teacher in Japan and hoping to set up a one-time exchange for my students (age 12-14).

Here’s a little outline to help you understand the flow:

  1. Recruit PC Forum participants
  2. Exchange address with PC Forum participants
  3. PC Forum participants send out postcards (best before March)
  4. Teacher (me) acknowledge the receipt of postcards (First week of March)
  5. Students read their postcards
  6. Students write their responses (March 10 & 11)
  7. Students send out their postcards (March 12)
  8. (Optional) PC Forum participants acknowledge receipt of postcards

Their lesson for writing the response postcard is scheduled for March 10th-11th and postcards will most likely be sent out the following day.

The students level are very low. They can understand simple sentences and have only studied present tense and present continuous tense. The goal is give them a taste of the international community. I don’t want you to worry too much about the grammar but I want the student to feel encouraged and gain confidence because they were able to understand your card without my help.

You will not be writing to a specific student but to a group of students. There 5 classes in total and each class will be divided into 6 groups. You will receive a response from the group you sent a card to.

You may send to multiple group if you wish :blush:

I’m hoping to receive the cards by the first week of March so the students have time to prepare.

Thank you very much for your interest!
I hope you will participate!


Cool idea, but I just wanted to say given the pandemic & that today is Feb 17th - I think you’ re underestimating the time it will take for postcards to get to Japan.

I’ve found it takes about 2 to 4 weeks at least in the last few months to & from Canada with Japan.

I’d be happy to write to a group. Shall I send my address to you by message? Thanks, Lynn

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I did a similar project. you are welcome to send me out up to 5 postcards if needed. message me if you still need people.


I am also happy to help. Cards sent from the Netherlands to Japan took 16 days before the pandemic so my guess is that it will be around 3 to 4 weeks now.

Will you please PM me the address?

Thank you so much for pointing that out!
We might not have to worry too much about that since the school schedule keeps changing recently, I have a very strong feeling said lesson will be pushed back with the ways things are going ^^


I’ve sent you the address! :blush:

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I’d like to participate! Please PM me the address. Thanks.

@artbat @cremebrulee
I’ve sent you the address! Thank you so much!!

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I’d Love to participate as well :slight_smile:

I’d love to participate too!

I am ready to join.

I would like to join! For some reason, mail between Japan and Finland is often surprisingly fast.

I’d love to participate too, please send me the address. :smiley:

This sounds fun! Please add me to your list.

i’d love to send one too! please send me the address. sent mail to Japan currently takes 20-30 days. but i receive via sea-mail so your card might be back to me in May!!

I would also like to participate :slight_smile:

Hello - happy to help too!

Would :heart: to help you out!

I would love to send a postcard!! I am a similar age to your students :slight_smile:

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I would love to participate! :sparkles: