Postcards exchange with Japanese students

I can help if you still need participants!

Please pm me your mailing address so that I can send out a postcard to lilbratbunny and cremebrulee… I look forward to exchanging postcards with you soon.

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Hey I just want to make sure you understand the exchange happening here. It will be between you and the students in Japan. So between you and @lilbratbunny. You won’t be needing my address for that. :slight_smile:

Hola, me gustaría participar para enviar postales desde España para los estudiantes japoneses. Envíeme su dirección. Muchas gracias.

Thank you everyone for your interest!!

I’ve cut off the list at @Beachyblonde since we’ve met the quota!

Address has been sent out to those who are participating, please check your inboxes :blush:

Again thank you so much! :heart:


Ah, I just missed this. What a shame. If you do something similar again, I would love to join in. :slight_smile:

The project has changed dramatically since I last posted, so I think you might be able to join :slight_smile: I will update you later this afternoon via PM.


Due to various reasons (tests and being behind on lessons), the postcard lesson has been shifted to a volunteer basis instead of group work. You will be receiving a card from an individual student instead of a group of students.

Originally I thought the lesson will be late enough for the students to reply to your card, but now it’ll be a typical Postcrossing exchange. The students will send you a postcard before they receive one. They’ve already started on their draft and will be able to send later this week.

I’ll still update you when your card is received.

Thank you again for your participation and understanding! :slight_smile: