Postcards DE-RU

Dear Postcrossing-friends.

Last night I’ve got an adress from Russia (near Donbass, Black Sea) via the generator to send there one of my next postcards. Now I’m really unsure to write this one because the airspaces here in Germany and in Russia are closed for their airplanes. I wonder how to get an adress in this special time.

At one side I’m fine to send a postcard to Russia and send my best wishes, this is not my problem but on the other side I think, make this sense to send one. Would it be arrived?
I’m really ambivalent, please support me in this special case.

Thank you very much.


Deutsche Post did not report any problems to deliver to Russia, so of course you get addresses from Russia. Maybe the mail travels by truck or train.
Postcrossing reacts as soon as a postal service reports that they cannot deliver to a certain country.
See The Postal Monitor gives an overview of mail disruptions around the world

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Please see @meiadeleite’s statement here (it also covers Russia):

And please remember to write in English in this part of the forum.

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According to Deutsche Post there’s currently no restrictions for mail travelling to Russia. [ref] The Deutsche Post suggests (in the Ukraine section) to add a return address, so they can return all mail if the situation changes suddenly.

In a similar thread there was the great idea to make photos of the front and back of the card, so you can send photos of the card to the recipient digitally if they can’t receive physical mail anymore.