Can we still sent cards/letters to Ukraine?

It is difficult for me to get not overheated.

Postcrossing is for connecting. It should be fun to mail out a card or write a Hurray!message.

I use symbols of love peace a smiley (+usualy a rabbit and tulip) on my cards.

But still I have an angry mood.

At least you can wish someone all the best!

Someone suggested a time out. That may work.
Monday workweek starts and Postal Monitor will be updated for Ukraine and Russia. If you will not sent to there just do not request adresses.
If you wish not to receive from there just go inactive.

Until you mood changes.
And if that is in 15 minutes it’s fine as well.


I think the best thing we can do right now if we get addresses or cards from Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus, is to wish the person all the best and hope for peace. I don’t think many of the actual citizens of the countries support this actions by their leaders at all.




On Thursday or Friday I received cards from RU and UA. It took me some time to register as I didn’t know what to write. I decided to write as usual, thanking for the postcard, maybe responding to quetions on the card. And then ended for both countries with the same text, that I don’t really know what to write, that I hope they are safe and that I hope this will end soon and be back to diplomatic soon.

Today I got an address from Russia. I wrote something commonplace and ended that I wonder if the card will ever arrive and if so how long it will take. I don’t know if the receiver is supporting Putin and his actions or not, so why should I blame someone who I don’t know anything about for actions that Putin has to take responsibility for and to justify.


This topic is temporarily closed for at least 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

We understand that everyone is a little anxious about their postcards, and whether or not they’ll arrive to their destinations, so I’d like to reassure you all that @paulo, @chieusa and myself are doing everything we can to keep the Postal Monitor as updated as possible, so that Postcrossing’s algorithm does not give out addresses in a place where your country cannot send mail to.

Updating the Postal Monitor is the kind of work that involves keeping tabs on dozens of postal services’ channels, scanning their websites and social media accounts for information that comes in images, spreadsheets, posts, Telegram & Messenger messages, emails… We’ve seen all kinds of things in the 2 years we’ve been running the Monitor, from airmail being shifted to transcontinental trains and cargo boats, and even some getting stuck in the Suez canal… :sweat_smile:

So in other words, just because some flights might be cancelled, it doesn’t necessarily mean that mail cannot be transported to a certain country! With the pandemic, postal operators are used to getting alternative mail forwarding routes in place, and most are promptly updating their service pages, which we keep an eye on. Do keep reporting your updates on the Mail suspensions topic — they are welcome and a big help.

And last but not least, keep those postcards flowing! This is the time when the world most needs kindness and connection.


This is the latest update from Ukraine Post this morning:


Unfortunately, now the post of Ukraine does not work​:heart::heart::heart:


:heart: :ukraine: :heart: :frowning_face: :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

My heart aches for Ukraine.


We hope to an end of this war now. My thoughts and prayers are with Ukrainians day and night.


I know the situation at the moment is unfortunate, but please can postcrossers STOP creating topics about mail suspensions to Ukraine and Russia!

It’s annoying to scroll through the forum to see all this and its making @meiadeleite & @paulo and any other forum moderators work more difficult. Have faith in the work they are doing!

The UK is still continuing to send post to both countries and I will continue to write postcards if I draw an address from either country.


is there a “no politics” rule or anything in the forum? I had Ukrainians posting in my RRs (no large statements, just things like “stand with us”, “don’t be silent”, “we need help” etc.) and they got deleted by admins. I just wanna know because other people are now posting links to organisations that collect donations etc. I don’t know how to react as a host.
Thank you!

People are scared and looking for help. It’s not politics for me. It’s human. I’m ok with the messages.


The Ukranian post just confirmed today, that most post offices are working again with just a few exceptions. [source] For these exceptions the neighboring offices will take over or store the mail, until they themselves open as well (mentioned in a previous update).

Just checking what the post offices in the target countries are announcing can often answer all questions on its own already.


There are “no political wars” and “no country bashing” rules on the Forum Guidelines, so if the posts fall on that category or are off-topic on your RR, please feel free to flag them as such.

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While I do understand that you want to treat everyone equally regardless of the current war situation, I don’t think it’s fair that Ukraine doesn’t get to receive postcards and Russia & Belarus do. It’s just my opinion.


It is not up to Postcrossing whether postal services can deliver their mail into certain countries. :frowning:


It’s not fair but it’s not Postcrossing decisions. Mail to Ukraine has been cancelled by postal companies in other countries since they are not receiving mail at this moment, as you can imagine.
The Postal Monitor is updated based on information provided by postal companies in each country. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah I know. But it’s Russia’s fault that Ukraine post doesn’t work.


Infact Ukrainian Post is actually getting back on its feet, many countries are still sending and receiving from Ukraine.