Postcard writing prompts - ideas welcome!

From a creative writing workshop I got three cool prompts:

  1. Which animal would you like to be?
  2. Which super-power would you like to have?
  3. Which artistic work would you like to do?

Other prompts I love:
4. Tell me about 4 things of your day you don`t want to forget.
5. Tell me about which things/people called your attention the most during your day.


I ask people to tell me about their collections. I find it fascination to read about!


From which painter (from past centuries) you would have loved to order your portrait. And maybe why.


This is such a good question, I love it! :heart_eyes:

Slightly related to that: if you had to pick an author to write a book about your life, who would you choose?


I love this question!

I like to hear about common superstitions or tall tales from different regions. Like throwing a pinch of salt over your shoulder and such. It’s interesting to see how these things differ from culture to culture!


These are some of my favorites:

  • Describe your favorite outfit or piece of clothing.
  • Tell me about your pets or local wildlife.
  • Which accomplishment are you most proud of?

I think it’d be nice if people shared how they practice self-care. This varies so much between individuals in the U.S. (some people like to do yoga, some “Netflix and chill,” some go out with friends while others like to take time for themselves). I’d love to hear what people do in other countries (and learn more about the differences/similarities in the US).


the writing prompt from my profile I had the most response to was the question if the writer has ever lived abroad and where or if they could live abroad where would they want to live.
I recently added the question if they had ever met anyone famous and to tell who it was and where etc. I didn’t receive any response to that yet but I hope I will read lots of interesting stories in the future.


[To mark a wedding invitation I just got :innocent: I would love to read from others:]


  • What did you wear the last time you were invited to … a wedding / a Jubilee / etc.?
  • Tell me about your wedding celebration…
  • How did you celebrate your last birthday?
  • Are you celebrating ‘round’ birthdays in your country? If, yes, anything special?
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I agree - often I find that I run out of space. I either focus on something on the card - for example if it’s a card from a vacation I’ll write about a memory or something we experienced during the trip - or I’ll respond to the writing prompts on the profiles and some are so much fun to write about! They really make me think/reflect and often I feel like I’m collaboratively journaling. :grin:


Some random ideas:

  • what superpower would you like to have and why?
  • what is the best present you ever got and what is the worst?
  • what do you do to treat yourself?
  • do you have a daily routine? what is it?
  • what is your favourite scent?
  • if you had the chance to travel to the moon / to mars, would you go?
  • hot or cold? Which climate do you prefer?

We actually did this one already! :slight_smile:

And we had one about fauna too! :smiley:

All the prompts can be found under this blog tag (there’s 46 already!), but to see just the titles, check the blog archives and search for writing prompt. :bulb:


I loved → August Writing Prompt: sayings or proverbs from your country

For future month’s writing prompts, I’d love to suggest the following:

  • Share your favorite song (in any language) – I love to discover new songs from countries I’ve never lived in, so I can enhance my musical palette… you always need a friend who can introduce you to good things in life

  • Share your favorite food’s recipe so we can try cooking/baking them

  • Recommend a book that one must read in their lifetime

These are good! These capture my interest and I am thinking of answers. Good way to make the prompt fun and interesting. And the window one seems like stating the obvious, but it asks the writer to focus out the window-love it!

I’ve gotten ideas from different profile’s and posts I’ve read through Postrossing. This is what’s in my profile at the moment and it also reflects my own likes and interests:

Something special or unusual happening at the moment?
What’s on your bucket list?
Draw a unique self portrait!
What kind was the dog you last pet?
What made you smile today?

I am currently asking for the greatest insult used in my sender’s host country, profanity welcome! I can’t wait!


That’s such a fun idea! I’m very tempted to emulate you.

My profile includes a suggestion for poetry, including haiku. But I haven’t received a single poem yet. I wonder who will be first…

Waiting for haiku
or even Shakespearean
sonnets. I’m not fussed!


Now that Christmas and similar are coming, traditional winter festivity recipe or who does bring presents to the children at your country.

If not had already, then “You’ve just crashed on a deserted island, alone, no phone, what do you do?” :slight_smile:

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