Postcard writing prompts - ideas welcome!

What do you normally write about on your postcards? I am 63 and I am getting better at writing smaller!

What is on your grocery list?


I normaly prefer not to boring everybody with my family (slightly disabled person, caring about heavy disabled mum). I got an addresse of the girl, whose town’s name sounds like “Old Frost” in Latvian. I told that. On card there were our swan sculptures in park, looking a bit like “brontosaurs”. I explained why there are those swans.
I keep the card with the castle, where an Italian writter Lampedusa wrote “Gepard”- I keep that card for some Italian i future…
Something likte that. Individual and exclusive every time.
My first 5 cards are badly and boring written because I didn’t know then about, how it works at all. I will not do that again.


Those sound like perfectly fine things to write about to me. I’ve only received 14 cards but there’s been quite a variety of messages and I can’t say that any have been “right” or “wrong”, just different.


On my profile, I ask to write me about last thing that make you smile and, thanks to that, on almost every postcard I can read a little story about someone’s day or something that has happened. I really enjoy reading it and I hope that it makes smile me and the sender :slight_smile:

I like to write about something related to the postcard - describe what’s on the picture, where I bought it, write a legend (for example, when I send a postcard from Kraków, where I currently live, I often tell the legend of the Wawel dragon). Usually, the addressees were satisfied and wrote me long return messages that I really liked :sparkling_heart:


Here is what I visualize when thinking about it:

  • Random suggestions when we are checking the addresses that were given to us.
  • Random suggestions appearing more often throughout the website
  • a tab or a sub-tab on the Help or Explore tab on the website with a list of suggestions
  • a button that will give us a random suggestion when clicked


  • When I say “random”, I mostly mean in the way they appear. I still like the idea of the community offering specific interesting suggestions;
  • I think that it would be nice to have more than one monthly suggestion. In my perspective the best way to offer some diversity would be having a little list that would vary every month;
  • I know that it’s not as easy to implement this buttons and things as it is for me to visualize them. Just trying my luck out here! :joy:

The 10 Questions and Tea Tag has some great ideas for what to write in your cards.


This website is an entire website full of questions to ask/answer:


Here’s a Question and Answer Tag that has some great ideas for what to write.

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I like hearing about different phrases/idioms/sayings in different languages!


Lovely idea, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing that with a complete stranger

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Lol…there’s always one in the neighborhood :joy:

Poets & Writers Magazine has a section called The Time is Now that has writing prompts and exercises. You can find it at this link: You can also sign up for a weekly prompt via e-mail. They have prompts for poetry, fiction and non-fiction. There are wonderful ideas.

A recent prompt encouraged you to choose a word where the “first known use” occurred at a significant turning point or significant event in your life and write a poem about it. You can do that by using the Merriam-Webster’s Time Traveler tool at Alt-rock was first used in 1982!

Hope this helps if you have postcard writers block!


This is such a neat idea! I immediately looked up 1982 as well (my birth year) and was surprised to see tiramisu mentioned as making its debut that year… who knew? :sweat_smile:

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Oh I like the favorite mug prompt…because all my mugs have stories :slight_smile:


I love this. In 1968, the first occurrence of the word Bougie-as an adjective.


I don’t know if a writing promt like this one existed before or not.
It’s spring (already) and summer is coming. I propose to write about your country’s flowers. Every country’s floral world is unique. All flowers have different meanings there, there are also the traditions and believes related to flowers :slight_smile:


Interesting topic!

I have a list of what I enjoy in life and ended with:

“Send me a postcard, which you think, will suits me after reading about me. Write me something what is meaningful to you at this moment of your life.”

For me the space on the back of the postcard is always too limited! That happened already when, writing a load of holiday postcards were a topic in nearly everybody’s life, before internet and smartphones came into the world…I had penpals for years and was part of Woman Welcome Woman, which provided a list of addresses from different countries. Finding penpals went also through magazine’s and newspaper’s…

Anyway, I usually write something about an item which I find in the profile of the Postcrosser or about the postcard I choose.

The same I do when registered a postcard, write something in return about what the sender shared with you or about the postcard itself.


One of my favorites is peoples main motivations in life.

Share an uncommon fear.

If you could be any non human what would you be and why?

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I drew an address this morning where I was asked to tell the recipient my impressions of their country. My husband and I both liked this idea so much that we immediately changed our profiles, though I fear some of the negative comments I might get! Hoping for positive impressions.