Postcard to member with empty or very short profile?

Apologies if this has been covered before, I’ve searched through the topics but haven’t found anything so far.

I’ve just drawn the name and address of a new member in Taiwan (joined in mid March) and there’s absolutely no details on their profile. They have sent 1 card and were last seen 8 days ago but there’s no clue as to male/female or any likes/dislikes or preferences, so I really have no idea what to send.

Anyone any ideas please?


In those situations I usually send some tourist card from my city or country and write about what’s on the front of the card :slight_smile:


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That happened to me once. The profile was empty and I sent normal touristic card. But the interesating thing is that when person registered postcard, I got empty hurray msg :smiley:
Empty profile, empty hurray :slight_smile: Btw, person isn’t a new member…has lot of sent and recieved cards.


Sometimes that could indicate that the member is a child.


“Always look at the bright side of life…”

An empty profile gives you no inspiration…, but then again, it leaves you absolutely free to send whatever you like and write whatever comes to your mind :slight_smile:

One idea:
If the addressee thinks she or he needs not introduce her/himself, then you might just treat her/him the same way. Write as if you were writing to a good friend - assuming the adressee has all the background knowledge about you as someone who knows you really well :wink:


In such a case I pick a nice postcard I would like to receive myself. And then I write a long message.
An empty profile is a good excuse to pick a postcard you feel like sending and write about whatever you want!


Most of my cards are written like that :smiley:

And some people with empty or short profile write really nice hurrays.


I tend to pick a card I have multiple copies
Since I have no clue what they like I would pick something touristy


Thanks everyone for your suggestions, they have all given me food for thought and I’ll make a note of them in case this ever happens again :smile:


I have had that happen several times.

Sometimes I send a really odd card that I can’t figure out who to send it to. And sometimes I write that to the mystery person – that they get an odd card because they are a mystery. I figure they must like whatever comes their way or are eager to see what a blank profiles gets them.


Sending an ‘odd’ card as a mystery is a great idea, I’ll bear that one in mind :slight_smile:

I will admit I have a collection of fairly generic cards that is my go-to for empty or very sparse profiles.


I pulled my first “no profile” address today, so I picked an ok card that says “come and join us” (it is meant for a Sunday School class), and had fun with an encouraging message. The user is not brand new but recent (about 40 sent and received).


Proselytizing people? That could end in a backfire.



I think Ralf is very right !
I would have quit postcrossing immediately if I had received such a card in the beginning of my postcrossing adventure.The beginning in which I had an empty profile…

Personally I feel it’s more respectful to save religious cards for those who express a wish for them on their profile.
It has been discussed on the forum before: a religious card might trigger all sorts of trauma for the receiver. In this case the receiver is unknown… we can all only hope it indeed doesn’t backfire…


This. I have a note in my profile that I don’t want any religious sayings or motifs on my cards.

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I hope not, of course. Only trying to encourage the member to post a profile so I can better meet his/her postcard desires. The front of the card did not say “Sunday school” or what religion. Thanks for your input as I hadn’t considered it that way, but can see how others might.


Thanks for your input. I do refrain from overtly religious cards, and didn’t think this one was offensive. It does not mention “Sunday school”, and the quote from Psalms is generic and approved by more than one faith. Of course, I’m hoping the member sees it as an invitation to provide a profile so we can better meet his/her postcard desires.

Thanks, and Happy Postcrossng!