If address i pull has no profile....?

hi, i’m still new and the user i received did not fill out a profile. do i just wing it and hope for the best? is this common? thanks

Not common for me…

It’s not a big deal. You still pick a card you like, write a friendly message on it, and send it to them.

I like reading a thoughtful, expressive profile and feeling a connection to the person and having that to guide my card selection. It’s enjoyable but not necessary.


thank you :slight_smile:

People don’t fill out the profile for all kinds of reasons - sometimes it might be a language issue or they don’t know what to write or for privacy reasons etc. Participating in Postcrossing means different things to different people.

I got a family I know signed up and one of the parents was shocked when they got a Hurray message & a thank you - they weren’t interested in engaging online at all, other than to get addresses.

Getting a member with no profile or not much of one gives you the freedom to send the cards you’d like to receive.


Some people have thousands of sent/received and no written profile, they just want it that way :slight_smile:


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If you draw an address you have to write the card, no matter how many information is missing in the profile.

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yes i sent the card last night. i was just a bit confused is all.


throw caution to the wind.


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