Postcard swap with 11-13-year-old pupils


I’m starting up a postcard club with my11-13-year-old pupils. We hope to get postcards from all around the world. Then we will look up your country on the map and learn about it on the internet. Many of the families in our village don’t travel a lot, so it would be a big thing for the children to get to know the world this way.

We are eager to get your card as soon as possible, since our club needs to get going in a week or two. We ‘d love to send you a card back from Northern Finland with some greetings. So if you could ask some questions too? Please send me your address as PM.

Please send your card to our comprehensive school

The Postcard club
Yli-Iin koulu
Karjalantie 15
Fi-912 00 Yli-Ii


Going to send a PM :slight_smile:

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If you don’t mind another participant from Germany, I’m in! :wink:

will send from India.


Will be happy to send from Connecticut, USA!

I would also love to participate if it’s okay. :slightly_smiling_face:
Let me know, thanks. :smiley:

Will be sending one from Hong Kong.

Here, one from USA :smiley:

A postcard from the Philippines will be on your way!

I will send two from New York City: One in English and one in Finnish. Regards, JamesC

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Dear colleague, I will certainly send you a postcard from Italy written by my students, who are the same age as yours. We are also curious to know your country better. Unfortunately postal times are a bit long, but surely you will receive our greetings and we will then look forward to yours: our return address will be on the card for a kind reply. Great idea, thanks!

Sent one today from Georgia!! Have fun with this!!

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Hello! I will send one from Boston in the USA

Hello! Another one from Georgia is on the way. Take care and have fun!

Will be sending one from the Netherlands!

Thank you!

We would love to get a postcard from you!

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It doesnät matter you are from the same country. Thank you!

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Thank you! Sounds like a plan:)

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