Postcard Souvenir Pamphlets

So, I have a bunch of these. You can put a stamp on the outside and send it as it is and when the receiver gets it they open it up and there are multiple photos of said location. Have you ever sent these to a post crosser? I wish I could detach each one and use as a postcard but unfortunately they are double sided photos.

These are vintage. I have about 6 or so. What’s your thoughts? Should I send them?

They sound like aerogrammes. Its definitely a part of philately. There are philatelists and collectors of such ephemera in the world. Check the Aerogramme tag or offer them in a post in the other items category.

You never know.

I think you can send this to someone if it fits their profile. I bet they’d like it very much.

People were discussing this recently here:

Yep, They are the exact same. I hope I find someone who states they like them in their profile. I would like to send them on.

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Do you think by someone saying they enjoy vintage cards would want these? I see many who say they enjoy vintage.

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Thanks. Definitely not my style and probably don’t want any back. But I would like to pass them on!

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Maybe… but different people have different ideas of “vintage”. You might have the happiest outcome if you offer it as a Lottery prize in the Games section.

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Ok good to know. Wish I could make them into individual postcards somehow.

I woulndn’t necessarily mind but I wouldn’t really want them. They would be more difficult to store for me.

Good to know!