Postcard arrived after she passed away

Dear everyone,

I wanted to create this post to be able to tell my story of why I started postcrossing.

I had a wonderful relationship with my grandmother, I was named after her and I went to visit her twice a week, on Sundays and Tuesdays.
Back in june of 2019 she was 97 years old and she wasn’t completely healthy physically but her mind was still very sharp. I went on a 4 day tour with my orchestra and because I would miss one Sunday with my grandmother I decided to send her a post card which I mailed to her on Saturday. Our orchestra had a lovely time performing in Germany and I took the flixbus back to the Netherlands on the night of Monday to Tuesday. When I got home at 8 in the morning I decided to get on my bike and go straight to my grandmother because I had missed her so much. On my way there (a 10 minute bike ride) my mother called me and told me that my grandmother had passed away in her sleep and that the nurse had found out just minutes ago. I still went there anyway and spent a few hours there.
Around noon my postcard arrived and so my grandmother never got to read it.
I immediately put the postcard in my purse and decided never to throw it away.

Until a few weeks ago I wasn’t able to look at the postcard without crying and feeling sad that I had missed that last Sunday with her. When I finally looked at the card and didn’t burst into tears I decided I wanted to pick up sending postcards because I had stopped doing that. And so about a month ago I signed up for postcrossing and I really enjoy it. So thank you for the beautiful cards you send every day, they might have very different messages but they sometimes remind people of memories very dear to their heart.


Thank you for sharing that very sweet story. It brought tears to my eyes :heart_eyes:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Postcrossing. May all the rest of your cards find their way into the hands of the people they are meant for.


I have no doubt that your grandmother has seen and read your card…especially when you found it. I’m sure she was over your shoulder reading it.

People belong to Postcrossing for many different reasons. I’m confident you will find yours and, along with your grandmother, feel very comfortable here.



Very emotional, thank you for sharing your story with your grandmother:)
It brought back my memories with my grandfather:)


I love that this reminded you of him! I hope we never forget about the people we loved

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Thank you so much for sharing this story :heart:

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Thank you for sharing your story. My heart goes out to you. I have no grandparents left and miss them very much. I wish my nieces and nephews valued my parents as much as you value your grandma. Kids have such busy lives and think everyone is immortal. :rose:


Thank you so much for sharing your story! What a great reason for joining. I hope that this can be a way for you to connect with and remember your grandmother.

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Thank you for sharing the love of your grandma with us. I believe the people we love are never far away. :love_letter:

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Oma :green_heart:

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Thank you for sharing. If we’re lucky, our grandparents have such a special place in our lives. When I was growing up, I only had one grandparent, my mother’s mother. She had such an amazing impact on my life and I’m so grateful she lived till she was 98. I have a small box with letters she sent me over the years. Thanks again for reminding all of us of our Grandmas! :heart:


So sweet and nice of you to share your story about your grandmother and this postcard sent from your orchestra trip.

That is a very wonderful way to remember your grandmother. Thank you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you very much for sharing this heartwarming story :heart:
When my grandfather died I was on exchange in England- so I couldn’t go to the funeral. At that time I accepted that circumstance, but later in life I often felt there was something missing because I couldn’t say Goodbye…

Welcome to Postcrossing! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story :pray::rose: I recently experienced similar with an appreciative card I sent to my 102 year old grandmother which unfortunately arrived two days too late. I had not been able to see her for many years (due to being on opposite sides of the planet). We can only hope that somehow they know how much they meant to us :heartpulse:

It is wonderful with PC when we can bring a small amount of joy into peoples lives with a few words & images :love_letter:


Gecondoleerd met je grootmoeder!
Fijn dat je dit verhaal deelt met ons, voor mij weer een bevestiging waarom ik graag kaartjes en brieven schrijf. Want je ziet dat dit altijd als een herinnering blijft wat je nog kunt nalezen.

Condolences with your grandmother! Thank you for sharing this story with us, for me another confirmation of why I like to write cards and letters. Because you see that this always remains as a memory that you can still have to read over and over again.


Very sweet story. Thank you for sharing :heart:

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I still have all of my grandmother’s birthday cards in a box. The first 4 years with my grandmother and grandfather (he passed away after that) and then from my fifth till my 21st from just my grandma. You can se her handwriting get worse over the years. Everytime I see those cards they bring back so much happiness and a little bit of sadness too! But I’m glad I got to enjoy her company for the first 21st years of my life. Some people don’t have that so I consider myself blessed.

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I understand what you mean! My husband has one grandfather left but he didn’t really invest as much time in his grandchildren so now that he’s older his grandchildren rarely visit him. My husband and I visit him sometimes because I’m really glad that through him I sort of have gained a grandparent back but my husband doesn’t have the same bond with his grandfather I had with my grandparents because he never really connected with his grandparents when he was younger.

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Thanks for sharing that. My brother sends me messages from above a lot thru this . Thru the cards and peoples messages. I love postcrossing. I just started in June and have had some ahh ha moments. I’m sure your Grandma read the postcard. Hugs.