Postcard and Paper Show in NYC, Nov 11-12, 2023

There is a postcard show in NYC this weekend! It will be my first time attending - looking forward to browsing and shopping for interesting postcards.


Very nice, have fun at Postcard Exibit

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I miss living in the NYC area. I would love to go to that!

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I’ve been to that show a couple of times. This show and others focus on vintage postcards. The collector of modern postcards wouldn’t find much here. Between parking and tolls, for me, it’s a show I can bypass. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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Wanted to share some of what I found at the postcard show. I browsed very lightly - did not sit down to sort through boxes and boxes of cards.

One of the best things about the show are the wonderful people one can meet. Dealers were all very lovely and do their best to help you find what you are looking for and are full of interesting stories. One of the dealers I chatted with turned out to be a vice president of the Metropolitan Postcard Club. You would also strike conversations with people that are browsing next to you - found a fellow Postcrosser this way.

And here are some of the cards I bought. I am into African and animal stamps, so got this cool postcard.

Could not resist getting these sumptuous grapes on the card that was mailed in 1909. It looks like a real painting, doesn’t it?

Stumbled on this card and asked the dealer about it as I liked the design and was curious about radio references. Turns out it is a QSL card - “A QSL card is a written confirmation of either a two-way radiocommunication between two amateur radio or citizens band stations.” How cool!

And I even got some stamps! Again, African and animal stamps are my main interests so I got this sealed envelope of Rhodesian stamps.

I just opened it carefully and here is what is on the inside plus a mini surprise envelope tucked in the back!

I am not a postcard collector but it was still very interesting to see all sorts of unusual cards - leather, metal postcards, etc… I particularly admired these beautiful stamp postcards that are priced at about $50 each. They are works of art.

It was a cool experience and I hope to come next year and be ready to seriously browse in search of treasures. :grinning: It also seems like a wonderful opportunity to have a NYC Postcrossing meetup - I am sure that the Metropolitan Postcard Club organizers would be open to something like that.


I found this card years ago at a postcard show. (And I just noticed that the background is almost exactly the same in one of your uploaded cards)


How funny! Must have been mass produced.